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2013-01-10Add Ecore_Input header for Ecore_Event enums.HEADmasterChristopher Michael
Signed-off-by: Christopher Michael <> SVN revision: 82524
2013-01-04trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.Cedric BAIL
Patch by Doug Newgard <> SVN revision: 82148
2013-01-04autotools: move to AC_CONFIG_HEADERS.Cedric BAIL
Patch by Doug Newgard <>. SVN revision: 82135
2012-07-28Emprint: Remove unused variable.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 74533
2012-01-20emprint: Added .gitignoreDaniel Juyung Seo
SVN revision: 67364
2011-10-27Emprint: Better check against double extension in filename.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 64443
2011-10-27Emprint: Don't duplicate extension onto the filename if not needed.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 64442
2011-10-27Emprint: Fix for Cliff ;) so that you can get numbered screenshots viaChristopher Michael
the Screenshot module, or Emprint cli. Basically, you just use '%N' in the filename (screenshot%N.png, etc, etc). SVN revision: 64438
2011-09-01Emprint: Fix makefile to cleanup m4 directory on 'maintainer-clean'Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 63064
2011-07-26Emprint: Fix typo in help.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 61738
2011-06-12remove .cvsignore filesBoris Faure
SVN revision: 60246
2011-03-03emprint: fix DSO.Cedric BAIL
SVN revision: 57490
2010-11-08no more debian dir in our svn - debian now handles this tehmselves.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 54305
2010-10-25Bump version to reflect recent code changes now that we do not Christopher Michael
depend on imlib2 for screenshots anymore ;) SVN revision: 53871
2010-10-17Include m4 dir to support autoreconfSebastian Dransfeld
SVN revision: 53545
2010-10-15Add EFL_PATH_MAX_CHECK and include limits.h.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 53447
2010-10-15Redo emprint (screen grabber) to not use Imlib2 anymore :) Now usesChristopher Michael
just eina, ecore, and evas :D SVN revision: 53445
2010-09-04Update email address across the board.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 51890
2010-08-21No need for two null checks.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 51488
2010-08-21Convert (hopefully) all comparisons to NULLLucas De Marchi
Apply badzero.cocci, badnull.coci and badnull2.cocci This should convert all cases where there's a comparison to NULL to simpler forms. This patch applies the following transformations: code before patch ||code after patch =============================================================== return a == NULL; return !a; return a != NULL; return !!a; func(a == NULL); func(!a); func(a != NULL); func(!!a); b = a == NULL; b = !a; b = a != NULL; b = !!a; b = a == NULL ? c : d; b = !a ? c : d; b = a != NULL ? c : d; b = a ? c : d; other cases: a == NULL !a a != NULL a SVN revision: 51487
2010-08-18Add m4 macro for __UNUSED__.Christopher Michael
Fix functions to make use of __UNUSED__. SVN revision: 51297
2010-08-16Fix eina detection.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 51228
2010-08-04FORMATTINGLucas De Marchi
* Remove vim modelines: find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/\*$/ {N;N;/ \* vim:ts/d}' \{\} \; find . -name '*.[chx]' -exec sed -i '/\/[\*\/] *vim:/d' \{\} \; * Remove leading blank lines: find . -name '*.[cxh]' -exec sed -i '/./,$!d' If you use vim, use this in your .vimrc: set ts=8 sw=3 sts=8 expandtab cino=>5n-3f0^-2{2(0W1st0 SVN revision: 50816
2010-06-25Fixes for Ecore Api Changes.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 49844
2010-02-27Update email address.Christopher Michael
Add ravenlock to Authors...he did a lot of work wrt cmd line options here. SVN revision: 46597
2009-10-07Enable silent rules if possible.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 42925
2009-09-06Update to match new EINA init/shutdown.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
SVN revision: 42301
2009-05-04Fixed debian stuff everywhere.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 40505
2009-05-03Added libtool as Build-Depends to everything that usesRodrigo Cesar Lopes Belem
DEB_CONFIGURE_SCRIPT := ./ SVN revision: 40500
2009-04-27Remove cursor freeChristopher Michael
SVN revision: 40424
2009-04-27Use eina_stringshare_replace. Free the cursor after it is set.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 40423
2009-04-21Updated changelogs for packages which will go into repository.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 40270
2009-04-19Updated Standards-VersionDaniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 40228
2009-04-14No need to get the ecore_x_display twice.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 40064
2009-04-14Updated debian stuff(grew Standards-Version, updated python-ecore rules file)Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 40043
2009-04-10Update for ecore_x_window_del --> ecore_x_window_free so that emprint Christopher Michael
compiles again. SVN revision: 39939
2009-03-24i found it is useless and cdbs is setting up prefix automatically.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 39695
2009-03-24forgot to add --prefix=/usrDaniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 39694
2009-03-24Updated debian stuff everywhere.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 39693
2009-03-16 Let me introduce you to Ecore_Input. The idea is to share as much as ↵Cedric BAIL
possible event between all ecore graphic engine to ease porting of application and reduce the amount of specific code per engine. This patch does just that. All your application should continu to work has previously, if it's not the case please report any new behaviour regarding mouse and keyboard. SVN revision: 39505
2009-01-13fix the copying license toCarsten Haitzler
1. get rid of grammar mistake 2. refer to COPYING-PLAIn correctly as the filename 3. be more explicit on "shipping source" due to ambiguity (this makes it what it was intended to be and that is GPL compatible). this does not modify the LGPL libs... or GPL apps etc. - only those using the original COPYING from e. author and dates at the top remain the same. SVN revision: 38569
2009-01-09Added debian/rules files with a new permissions set(755).Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 38519
2009-01-09prepare debian rules files for new chmod permissions.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 38518
2009-01-01Added new set of debian subdirs.Daniel Kolesa
BROKEN/etox e ecore e_dbus edje edje_editor edje_viewer eet efreet eina elicit elitaire embryo E-MODULES-EXTRA emotion emphasis empower emprint enhance enity entrance ephoto epsilon esmart estickies etk etk_extra evas evolve ewl exhibit exml expedite imlib2 imlib2_loaders MISC/engage OLD/eclair OLD/engrave OLD/enotes OLD/entrance_edit_gui OLD/e_utils OLD/evoak OLD/examine OLD/iconbar PROTO/etk_server PROTO/exchange PROTO/extrackt rage SVN revision: 38399
2009-01-01Removed debian subfolders - prepared for a new set of debian subdirs.Daniel Kolesa
SVN revision: 38398
2008-10-31Update emprint to use eina_stringshare correctly.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 37336 -> configure.acPeter Wehrfritz
SVN revision: 36364
2008-08-18ok. i think most binary files are now fixed.Carsten Haitzler
SVN revision: 35525
2008-06-11More detailed desccription of the --quality option.Christopher Michael
SVN revision: 34799
2008-03-18fix from Lars Munch to not use -I$(includedir)Mike Frysinger
SVN revision: 34051