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masterDisplay a message when there are no imgaes in a directory that has been selec...Stephen Houston42 hours
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42 hoursDisplay a message when there are no imgaes in a directory that has been selec...HEADmasterStephen Houston1-0/+22
3 daysUpdate TODO file.Stephen Houston3-8/+4
3 daysReset scroller content after rotationStephen Houston1-1/+3
4 daysBug fixes, keybinding work, add rotation to single browser, remove photocam u...Stephen Houston7-375/+116
6 daysAdd the first configuration items to the dialog: Slideshow timeout and slides...Stephen Houston2-12/+108
6 daysFix mixed up iconsStephen Houston1-2/+2
6 daysAdd a simple About Dialog.Stephen Houston4-5/+83
8 daysAdd the beginning stages of a config dialog.Stephen Houston5-3/+60
8 daysFix title to not be redundant since entry already shows path. Change Elm_Gen...Stephen Houston2-5/+10
8 daysRework config loading/saving and remember window size and panel state.Stephen Houston5-56/+64