AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-26Don't use deprecated functionsHEADmasterDave Andreoli
2021-04-26warning --Dave Andreoli
2021-04-26Removed an unneeded paramDave Andreoli
2021-04-26Whoops, unbreak setup.pyDave Andreoli
2021-04-26gitignore++Dave Andreoli
2021-04-26Better requiresDave Andreoli
2021-04-26Mark unused params with an underscoreDave Andreoli
2021-04-26Small optimizationsDave Andreoli
2021-04-26Code style: use single quotesDave Andreoli
2021-04-26Reformat code to make pycharm happyDave Andreoli
2016-05-15Prepare the 1.0 relesev1.0.0Dave Andreoli
2016-05-14Better icons (hopefully)Dave Andreoli
2016-05-14Use a DialogWindow for the MethodRunnerDave Andreoli
2016-05-14force the object icon to show upDave Andreoli
2016-05-13git ignore++Dave Andreoli
2016-05-13Better FDO supportDave Andreoli
2016-05-13Fix for py3 installationDave Andreoli
2014-08-11More info and better style for the signal popupdavemds
2014-08-10Better error reporting on method executiondavemds
2014-08-10Fix the method runner to not fail when more than one param givendavemds
2014-08-09Fix the signal popup to actually show updavemds
2013-12-20Espionage: add icons to th right genlistdavemds
2013-12-11Open the Method Runner in a separate window.davemds
2013-12-10Espionage: color fun!davemds
2013-11-28Espionage new feature: activatable servicesdavemds
2013-11-22Adding galician and spanish translations in desktop filesmaxerba
2013-11-20Espionage: fix for recent enum change in pyefldavemds
2013-11-20Espionage: add the new signal inspector.davemds
2013-11-18Espionage: other 2 small fixesdavemds
2013-11-18Espionage: 2 small fixesdavemds
2013-11-10Adding portuguese and italian localizationsmaxerba
2013-11-02Espionage: improved toolbar with checkbox for optionsdavemds
2013-11-02Espionage: gitignore++ and make executabledavemds
2013-11-02Espionage: initial commitdavemds