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2021-05-22updating french and italian translationsHEADmastermaxerba
2021-02-12express: Remove all old autofoo filesChristopher Michael
2021-02-12meson build systemVincent Torri
2021-01-27express: Remove unused images from edcChristopher Michael
2019-02-26express: Update popmedia programs to not set state on popmedia_fill partChristopher Michael
2015-08-13express: Adjust transition speed for dismissing popup media boxChris Michael
2015-08-12express: Add popmedia controls to default themeChris Michael
2015-08-12express: Add media control part to express default themeChris Michael
2015-08-12express: Add images for media control to themeChris Michael
2015-07-22Revert "colors: Add support for irc color codes"Chris Michael
2015-05-11colors: Add support for irc color codesAndy Williams
2015-04-13express: Don't need to call the second show program hereChris Michael
2015-04-13express: Increase resolution of bg_shineChris Michael
2015-04-12express: Slightly increase space between tabregion and channel gridChris Michael
2015-04-12express: Modify theme so that grid does Not draw over tab region when we swit...Chris Michael
2015-04-12express: Make userlist align to bottom of tabregionChris Michael
2015-04-12express: Fix default treeview state to not take up space when invisibleChris Michael
2015-04-11express: Modify default theme to handle treeview and move user listChris Michael
2015-04-10express: Move userlist to right of windowChris Michael
2015-03-24express: Adding downloading symbol while gravatar being downloaded.Srivardhan Hebbar
2015-02-13increase width of userlistChris Michael
2015-02-11add support to colorize any missed tabsChris Michael
2015-02-11add tabs to themeChris Michael
2015-02-11add tab imagesChris Michael
2015-02-11add tab images to MakefileChris Michael
2015-02-06Implement a dismiss box for channel userlistChris Michael
2015-02-02Add image and Makefile to fix buildChris Michael
2015-01-30add images directory to build orderChris Michael
2015-01-30add userlist themeChris Michael
2015-01-29adjust position of entry and channel textChris Michael
2015-01-29add edc group for url linksChris Michael
2015-01-29Add images for url linksChris Michael
2014-12-19for now, entry will be always visibleChris Michael
2014-12-18start work on an entry for channel inputChris Michael
2014-12-17tweak options layout slightly to fit colorsChris Michael
2014-12-04Fix issue with non-fixed part in themeChris Michael
2014-12-02cleanup transition when switching pages on the Network tabChris Michael
2014-12-02add support for setting window opacityChris Michael
2014-01-13Add additional swallows for the network options tab to contain theChris Michael
2014-01-13Make option details relative to options toolbarChris Michael
2014-01-11Add font preview group to themeChris Michael
2014-01-11Fix option details alignmentChris Michael
2014-01-11Add swallow area for options pagesChris Michael
2014-01-10Better placement for Options frameChris Michael
2014-01-09Add theme entries for options frame and iconsChris Michael
2014-01-09Add settings icon to themeChris Michael
2014-01-04Add selector to themeChris Michael
2014-01-04Update images MakefileChris Michael
2014-01-04Add inset_shadow imageChris Michael
2013-12-27Fix desktop commentChris Michael