AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
28 hourstermiointernals: add comment about using bright but not boldHEADmasterBoris Faure
28 hourscolors: do not use bold/bright and faint/dim at the same timeBoris Faure
29 hoursterminology - use icon name not full path ao icon themes can overrideCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2 dayscolors: oopsBoris Faure
8 daysoptions_themepv: add color scheme optionBoris Faure
9 bad indentationBoris Faure
10 daystheme: use theme_file if providedBoris Faure
10 daystheme: have only one theme_apply functionBoris Faure
11 daystheme: add theme_path_default_get()Boris Faure
11 dayscolors: make color_scheme_apply() publicBoris Faure
11 dayswin: constify background_set_shine()Boris Faure
11 daystheme: make config_theme_path_default_get() privateBoris Faure
11 daysMerge branch 'terminology-1.8'Boris Faure
11 dayswin: cleanup focus. Closes T8756terminology-1.8Boris Faure
13 daysoptions_themepv: shorten magenta to see a bit more whiteBoris Faure
2020-10-13Translated using Weblate (Danish)scootergrisen
2020-10-12README: I've changed my username on githubBoris Faure
2020-10-11colors: dup default_colorschemeBoris Faure
2020-10-11colors: avoid dereference after null check. CID1433233Boris Faure
2020-10-11termptyesc: simplify code. CID1431130Boris Faure
2020-10-10colors: add color_scheme_list()Boris Faure
2020-10-09Translated using Weblate (Chinese (Simplified))玉堂白鹤
2020-10-09Translated using Weblate (Norwegian Bokmål)Allan Nordhøy
2020-10-08ini2desc: allow fallbacksBoris Faure
2020-10-08colorschemes: use ini instead of jsonBoris Faure
2020-10-06colors: use color scheme from file (only for Nord)Boris Faure
2020-09-28build, colorschemes: add scripts as dependenciesBoris Faure
2020-09-28colorschemes: input files are JSON nowBoris Faure
2020-09-28Merge remote-tracking branch 'weblate/master'Boris Faure
2020-09-28Translated using Weblate (Spanish)Adolfo Jayme Barrientos
2020-09-27colors: remove debug lineBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add SmyckBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add MildBoris Faure
2020-09-27colorschemes: add MustangBoris Faure
2020-09-26Ocean Dark: add missing commaBoris Faure
2020-09-26colorschemes: add Ocean DarkBoris Faure
2020-09-25colorshemes: add Solarized (dark and light)Boris Faure
2020-09-24colorschemes: use json as source as it seems easier to fill inBoris Faure
2020-09-23ci: wrong revisionBoris Faure
2020-09-23ci: test against efl-1.25.0Boris Faure
2020-09-22Translated using Weblate (Dutch)Boris Faure
2020-09-22Translated using Weblate (Croatian)Milo Ivir
2020-09-22Translated using Weblate (French)Philippe Jean Guillaumie
2020-09-21colors: load it from filesBoris Faure
2020-09-21colors: add default colorschemeBoris Faure
2020-09-21colors: remove commented out codeBoris Faure
2020-09-21generate colorschemes.eetBoris Faure
2020-09-20README: add weblate widget + cleanupBoris Faure
2020-09-20Translated using Weblate (Russian)Arthur Nikitenko
2020-09-20Translated using Weblate (French)Philippe Jean Guillaumie