AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-04-13fixed compile emotionxx againHEADmasterAndreas Volz
2016-03-26change List reference parameter to pointerAndreas Volz
2016-03-17find out if object is an external => prints EFL error, but seems to work unti...Andreas Volz
2016-02-14access part param (I don't like the interface, but it works for my applicatio...Andreas Volz
2016-01-04deactivate annyong messageAndreas Volz
2016-01-03some configuration changes to compile on my latest ubuntu systemAndreas Volz
2015-08-10problem reported from Toan Pham <>Andreas Volz
2013-02-12eoxx: add some vodoo to the C++ binding.Cedric BAIL
2013-01-14eoxx: let welcome a little prototype of an Eo binding in C++.Cedric BAIL
2013-01-04trunk: remove use of AM_PROG_CC_STDC as AC_PROG_CC does it.Cedric BAIL
2012-12-09don't compile not existing exceptionsAndreas Volz
2012-12-03no exceptionsAndreas Volz
2012-12-03- more stable Exe API, but I don't really it :-(Andreas Volz
2012-12-01more exception checks (still a bug when multible processes are running)Andreas Volz
2012-11-30- add new exception structureAndreas Volz
2012-11-25- add virtual destructorAndreas Volz
2012-11-25compile against API renameAndreas Volz
2012-11-25changed class design. old class design was not working good.Andreas Volz
2012-11-24add new wrapper implementation for Ecorexx::ExeAndreas Volz
2012-11-24include protector name changeAndreas Volz
2012-11-24include as compiler pathAndreas Volz
2012-11-23enable example codeAndreas Volz
2012-11-21homogeneous API changeAndreas Volz
2012-11-21homogeneousAndreas Volz
2012-11-21changed API nameAndreas Volz
2012-11-21remove old APIAndreas Volz
2012-11-21virtualAndreas Volz
2012-11-21examples compile again against renamed Evas sizing APIAndreas Volz
2012-11-21changed API to sound more logic. Bad thing is this are often used APIs. Have ...Andreas Volz
2012-11-21set/get typoAndreas Volz
2012-11-20linker problem. not sure what is the problem. needs analysisAndreas Volz
2012-11-19commentsAndreas Volz
2012-11-19old todo removedAndreas Volz
2012-11-19more API wrappers in Elmxx::EntryAndreas Volz
2012-11-18- some more wrappers in EntryAndreas Volz
2012-11-18change include path and implement Object::setThemeAndreas Volz
2012-11-17ups, should be get not setAndreas Volz
2012-11-17remove odl fileAndreas Volz
2012-11-16getThemeList() implementedAndreas Volz
2012-11-16wrapped more Theme List functions with new Einaxx::List interfaceAndreas Volz
2012-11-16Now possible to construct Einaxx::List from a Eina_List*Andreas Volz
2012-11-15add more Theme wrapper functionsAndreas Volz
2012-11-14Added first implementation for Theme API...Andreas Volz
2012-11-04not sure why, but there was a compile problem. Just commented it out and will...Andreas Volz
2012-09-30build againAndreas Volz
2012-03-16- changed to elm API without "Part" suffixAndreas Volz
2012-03-16changed API to setContent,getContent,unsetContent,setText,getText without suf...Andreas Volz
2012-03-16C function is voidAndreas Volz
2012-03-16BINDINGS/cxx - removed remained pager codesChunEon Park
2012-03-16remove elm_toggle code.Jiyoun Park