BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/kuuko/eetAdd Python bindings for eetKai Huuhko3 months
devs/kuuko/eolianEolian: Update TypeType enumKai Huuhko6 weeks
devs/kuuko/ewePython bindings for ewe, built optionallyKai Huuhko3 months
masterNo need to call ecore init/shutodown heredavemds10 days
python-efl-1.10Bump version number for release 1.10.1Kai Huuhko2 weeks
python-efl-1.8Elementary.thumb: Add missing enums.Kai Huuhko5 months
python-efl-1.9Elementary.thumb: Add missing enums.Kai Huuhko5 months
v1.10.1commit 6c98e8c460...Kai Huuhko2 weeks
v1.10.0commit 6115bcd0ab...Kai Huuhko3 months
v1.9.0commit 89780d48c5...davemds6 months
v1.8.1commit 1d16ec2590...Kai Huuhko7 months
v1.8.0commit 01365d7375...Kai Huuhko9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 daysNo need to call ecore init/shutodown hereHEADmasterdavemds2-6/+0
10 daysCleanup, remove unused stuffdavemds2-26/+0
10 daysdbus_mainloop: reworked how we manage the dbus watch requests.davemds2-97/+78
10 daysCleanups: the filter are not used heredavemds1-49/+0
10 daysSimplify: no need to keep a local copy of the watch statedavemds2-14/+13
10 daysuse 3 spaces indentation, not 2davemds1-323/+327
10 daysadded extra debug info (to be manually enabled)davemds1-8/+18
10 daysrenamed a function to a better namedavemds1-2/+2
10 daysjust move some functions around for readabilitydavemds1-95/+92
2014-08-18setup.py: Add dummy commit count for dev build if git is not foundKai Huuhko1-9/+14