BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/cedric/emileeet: use Emile to decode TGV image section.Cedric BAIL2 weeks
devs/eunue/evas_maskingevas: image masking - apply image masking for async rendering (test)Jaeun Choi3 hours
devs/herdsman/tb_prelayout_optTextblock Optimization: Support different script/font appendingDaniel Hirt2 weeks
devs/hermet/developevas: on implementing anti aliasing.ChunEon Park5 hours
devs/jpeg/evasglEvas GL: Fix gl_x11/GLX engineJean-Philippe Andre12 days
efl-1.10evas: GL_X11 context need to always be with alpha or it will fail to change.Cedric BAIL11 days
efl-1.11revert this gl x11 alpha "fix". this is worse than beforeCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)4 days
efl-1.8evas: GL_X11 context need to always be with alpha or it will fail to change.Cedric BAIL11 days
efl-1.9evas_gl_x11: Fix build after lastest break by CedricEduardo Lima (Etrunko)3 days
masterEolian: fix generated Eo files installation.Daniel Zaoui119 min.
v1.11.3commit 079323d25c...Stefan Schmidt6 days
v1.11.2commit f317298fc2...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.11.1commit b2dce31664...Stefan Schmidt7 weeks
v1.10.3commit 5ab10ce7ee...Stefan Schmidt8 weeks
v1.11.0commit 153b9d396b...Stefan Schmidt9 weeks
v1.11.0-beta2commit 9ad019e01b...Stefan Schmidt2 months
v1.11.0-beta1commit 21bb0531fb...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.11.0-alpha1commit d788ee9e32...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.10.2commit 31ff4aa86a...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.10.1commit cdf9d5fd65...Stefan Schmidt4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
119 min.Eolian: fix generated Eo files installation.HEADmasterDaniel Zaoui1-3/+1
119 min.Eolian: fix Makefile for distcheck.Daniel Zaoui1-0/+2
3 hoursedje: correctly destroy reference to removed part.Cedric BAIL3-15/+35
5 hoursEvas GL: Fix compilation on some platformsJean-Philippe Andre1-4/+6
7 hoursEvas GL: Add support for OpenGL-ES 1.1 and some new APIsJean-Philippe Andre21-546/+9293
8 hoursEvas GL: Fix gl_x11/GLX engineJean-Philippe Andre1-0/+1
8 hoursEvas GL: Add support for PBuffer surfaces with GLXJean-Philippe Andre6-15/+121
8 hoursEvas GL: Enable direct rendering even with alpha imagesJean-Philippe Andre1-2/+1
8 hoursEvas GL: Add support for OpenGL-ES 1.1 (part 3)Jean-Philippe Andre5-3/+186
8 hoursEvas GL: Add support for OpenGL-ES 1.1 (part 2)Jean-Philippe Andre14-31/+4383