BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/cedric/emileeet: use eina_binbuf and emile to manipulate TGV compressed data.Cedric BAIL8 days
devs/devilhorns/xdg_shellecore-wayland: Add missing EINA_UNUSEDChris Michael8 days
devs/herdsman/tb_prelayout_optTextblock Optimization: Optimize text append with new engine supportDaniel Hirt3 days
devs/q66/eolian_todoeolian: remove commaDaniel Kolesa13 hours
devs/stefan/drm-expediteevas/drm: Remove rest of the tty handling which is now unusedStefan Schmidt7 days
devs/stefan/use-liblz4Makefile_Eet: Add libz4 to libeet depsStefan Schmidt37 hours
devs/tasn/efl_interfacesEo files: Adjust according to latest eolian changes.Tom Hacohen10 days
efl-1.10Evas text: fix text object size with empty texts.Tom Hacohen10 days
efl-1.11release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.11.0 releaseStefan Schmidt13 hours
masterEvas textblock: Remove unused function.Tom Hacohen12 hours
v1.11.0commit 153b9d396b...Stefan Schmidt13 hours
v1.11.0-beta2commit 9ad019e01b...Stefan Schmidt10 days
v1.11.0-beta1commit 21bb0531fb...Stefan Schmidt2 weeks
v1.11.0-alpha1commit d788ee9e32...Stefan Schmidt3 weeks
v1.10.2commit 31ff4aa86a...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.10.1commit cdf9d5fd65...Stefan Schmidt2 months
v1.9.5commit afb76a881d...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.10.0commit f3de0a0b54...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.10.0-beta3commit d804844dab...Stefan Schmidt3 months
v1.9.4commit 3d7f20cff8...Stefan Schmidt3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 hoursEvas textblock: Remove unused function.HEADmasterTom Hacohen1-13/+0
13 hoursconfigure: Switch to dev mode again and set version to .99Stefan Schmidt1-1/+1
13 hoursEvas textblock: Add a test for multiline ellipsis.Tom Hacohen1-0/+17
13 hoursrelease: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.11.0 releasev1.11.0efl-1.11Stefan Schmidt2-2/+26
14 hoursEvas textblock: Fix BiDi text cut-off at the edges.Tom Hacohen2-14/+27
15 hoursecore_imf_context: fixing default id getterAndrii Kroitor1-1/+0
25 hoursRevert "evas textblock: fixed ellipsis character cut off issue with complex m...Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2-81/+13
28 hourseolain impl generator - fix possible null accessCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)1-4/+9
28 hoursRevert "emotion: add more audio formats in supporting extension list"Wonguk Jeong1-6/+0
29 hoursemotion: add more audio formats in supporting extension listWonguk Jeong1-0/+6