BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/bu5hm4n/lets-annoy-travisefl: work arround something weirdMarcel Hollerbach4 weeks
devs/bu5hm4n/perfRevert "eo: make callback_add faster"Marcel Hollerbach3 months
devs/bu5hm4n/release-fixenable release buildMarcel Hollerbach3 months
devs/felipealmeida/eapiecore_imf_evas: Rename EAPI macro to ECORE_IMF_EVAS_API in Ecore IMF Evas lib...Felipe Magno de Almeida8 days
devs/hermet/lottieMerge branch 'master' into devs/hermet/lottieHermet Park3 days
devs/stefan/testingecore_evas/engines/drm/ fix "gl_drm" include directoryRomain Naour8 weeks
efl-1.24release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.24.4 releaseStefan Schmidt4 weeks
efl-1.25release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.25.1 releaseStefan Schmidt3 weeks
feature/themes/flatTH - add iconzzzzzCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)11 days
masterevas/textblock: apply style paddings in fit calculationYoungbok Shin21 hours
v1.25.1commit 030a4d4e6c...Stefan Schmidt3 weeks
v1.24.4commit 9138731476...Stefan Schmidt4 weeks
v1.25.0commit eedf6cb339...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.25.0-beta3commit c412406487...Stefan Schmidt6 weeks
v1.25.0-beta2commit 1fa8409b97...Stefan Schmidt7 weeks
v1.25.0-beta1commit b89f1cc0a3...Stefan Schmidt8 weeks
v1.25.0-alpha1commit e546d24a2e...Stefan Schmidt2 months
v1.24.3commit 0d2310678a...Stefan Schmidt4 months
v1.24.2commit 1eb5bd7fff...Stefan Schmidt5 months
v1.24.1commit 71caee07ba...Stefan Schmidt6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
21 hoursevas/textblock: apply style paddings in fit calculationHEADmasterYoungbok Shin
37 hoursevil: undef setlocale to avoid recursionFelipe Magno de Almeida
9 daysefl.ui.text : Fixing cursor movement using keyboard arrows/mouse clickabdulleh Ghujeh
2020-10-14vg_load_svg: Implement ClipPath featureJunsuChoi
2020-10-13Ecore_Win32: add the API ecore_win32_window_maximized_set()Vincent Torri
2020-10-13Ecore_Evas win32: fix activate() functionVincent Torri
2020-10-12evas svg: Fix build errorJunsuChoi
2020-10-12evas svg: avoid unnecessary memory clear.Hermet Park
2020-10-12vg_load_svg: Add points copy of missing polygon/polylineJunsuChoi
2020-10-10Ecore_Evas win32 module: do not set evas viewport size to 0Vincent Torri