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efl_net_session and efl_net_control for ConnMan
These are objects to allow control of networking devices (efl_net_control) as well as an application to request for connectivity (efl_net_session). They are loosely based on, which we already use in Enlightenment Window Manager via DBus access with Eldbus. However they do not map 1:1 as the goal was to expose a viable subset of controls but in a simple and general way, thus nome strings were converted to enums, some arrays of strings were converted to bitwise flags, some names were made more general, such as "service" was turned into "access point" so it doesn't generate confusion with other "network services" (ie: http server), or "favorite" that was renamed to "remembered". Some behavior are slightly different (yet able to be implemented on top), such as "Service.MoveBefore" and "MoveAfter" were converted to a numeric "priority", calculated from service's list index, changing the priority will reoder the list and thus generate the MoveBefore and MoveAfter DBus commands. ConnMan was chosen not only because we already use it, but because its DBus API is sane and simple, with the server doing almost all that we need. This is visible in the efl_net_session, which is completely done in the server and do not require any extra work on our side -- aside from talking DBus and converting to Eo, which is a major work :-D NOTE: ConnMan doesn't use FreeDesktop.Org DBus interfaces such as Properties and ObjectManager, thus we cannot use eldbus_model_object. There are two examples added: - efl_net_session_example: monitors the connection available for an application and try to connect. You need a connman compiled with session_policy_local and a configuration file explained in to get a connection if nothing is connected. Otherwise it will just monitor the connectivity state. - efl_net_control_example: monitors, plays the agent and configure the network details. It can enable/disable technologies, connect to access points (services) and configure them. It's quite extensive as allows testing all of ConnMan's DBus API except P2P (Peers).
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