AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 dayseina: introduce an explicit eina_cow_done with no call to GC.Cedric BAIL
5 daysevas: avoid unecessary Eina_Cow GC during image destruction.Cedric BAIL
5 daysevas: reduce useless allocation during destruction of image.Cedric BAIL
5 daysevas: efl_gfx_image_stretch_region_set need access to image state before it i...Cedric BAIL
5 dayseo: only forward event if someone is listening.Cedric BAIL
5 daysedje_entry: Fix resource leak.Woochanlee
6 daysefl.ui.text: rename to efl.ui.textboxdevs/jsuya/efl_ui_animationAli Alzyod
6 dayseina_inline: Fixed a potential dangling pointerJunsuChoi
6 dayscsharp: Removed duplicated call_match implementationsLauro Moura
6 daysector: Fix build warning about unused variableAli Alzyod
6 daysmailmap: update commit name and email cleanup fileStefan Schmidt
6 daysdocs: fix to make docs contain proper imagesWonki Kim
6 daysExample: enhance efl-canvas-vg-simpleJunsuChoi
6 daysefl_ui_text_editable: remove classAli Alzyod
6 daysEfl.Canvas.Text rename into Efl.Canvas.TextblockAli Alzyod
7 dayscsharp: Refactor annotation selection functionLauro Moura
7 dayseolian_mono: reduce duplicated code in OnXXXEventYeongjong Lee
7 dayseolian_mono: remove unused EventArgs parameter of OnXXXEventYeongjong Lee
7 daysecore_x: fix unused parameter warnings after xgesture removalStefan Schmidt
7 dayselocation: remove beta libraryStefan Schmidt
7 daystests/ecore_wl2: Add test for ecore_wl2_window_role functionsWoochanlee
7 daysc#: Suppressing warning for CA1724.Bruno da Silva Belo
7 dayscsharp: changing string literal with nameof.Lauro Moura
7 dayscsharp: Marking property with static.Lauro Moura
7 daysEfl.Ui.Internal_Text_Interactive: missed renames from previous commitXavi Artigas
7 daysefl_text_cursor: rename enumsali
7 daysevas vg: ++documentationHermet Park
7 daysEfl.Ui.Text : all related interfacesali
10 daysevas_text: retain legacy behaviourali
10 daysimf - make xim+scim the defaults not xim+ibus due to ibus being brokenCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
10 daysecore_x: remove support XGesture extensionStefan Schmidt
10 daysglib - enable by default again - ibus imf needs itCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
10 dayselm_code: set box align correctlyMarcel Hollerbach
10 daysefl_canvas_object_animation: support duration 0Jaehyun Cho
10 dayselementary: Fix declaration of CV managers gettersLauro Moura
10 daysefl: stabilize Efl.Gfx.ArrangementYeongjong Lee
10 daysfocus: modify a formula to calculate focus region to showWonki Kim
10 dayscollection_view: fix a potentional errorWonki Kim
10 daysci: re-enable cxx bindings for CI builds againStefan Schmidt
10 daysevas vector: add one comment todo.Hermet Park
10 daysefl_ui_alert_popup: remove beta for efl_ui_alert_popup_titleTaehyub Kim
10 daysExample: Add efl-cavnas-vg-simple for unified APIJunsuChoi
10 daysevas vg: remove build warningJunsuChoi
10 daysevas vg: --remove logHermet Park
10 daysvg ector: Call a pair of ector begin/end for ector buffer drawing.Hermet Park
11 daysector_software_rasterizer: use dynamic array by span size.JunsuChoi
11 dayselm_label: Emit click signal on acivate action on labelJunsuChoi
11 daysevas_events: fix wrong condition of proxy event behavior.Hosang Kim
11 daysUpdating french translationmaxerba
11 daysEctor: Prevent access to NULLJunsuChoi