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2017-02-10eolian: silence static analyzer null check (CID 1369018)Daniel Kolesa
2017-02-10eolian: fix memory leak in doc tokens (CID 1367505)Daniel Kolesa
2017-01-23build: add eolianMarcel Hollerbach
2017-01-21eolian: rmeove dependency on basename/libgen.h/evilDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-20eolian: merge database_fill into parserDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-20eolian: prevent memory leaks in db fillDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-20eolian: simplify database_fill by reducing the number of passesDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-19eolian: add implement validation (currently for docs)Daniel Kolesa
2017-01-19eolian: move base function doc API into implementsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-18eolian: add syntax for overridding docs in implementsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-16eolian: merge internal funcs in database fillDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-16eolian: remove/add APIs and clean up implements systemDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-13eolian: change eo file syntax @virtual_pure -> @pure_virtualDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-13eolian: use consistent pure_virtual naming in APIDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-13eolian: consistent and cleaner error values from APIsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-12eolian: strict function type input checks in APIsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-11eolian: fine-grained is_auto/is_empty for implementsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-11eolian: remove function_is_implementedDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-11eolian: improve implement error messagesDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-11eolian: enforce specification of both get and set in prop implsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-05eolian: stricter implement/constructor verificationDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: correctly set the empty/auto flags in implementsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: disallow duplicate implementsDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: fill ctor class early onDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: no need to fill func in eolian_implement_function_getDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: partially clean up implement filling logicDaniel Kolesa
2017-01-02eolian: require specification of either get or set in property implsDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-27eolian: enable cyclic dependencies between classesDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-27eolian: remove old property impl syntax and clean up parsingDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-27eolian: allow new property impl syntax with auto/emptyDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-27eolian: require semicolon after get/set in new property impl syntaxDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-23eolian: implement new partial property impl syntaxDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-23eolian: add dev warning for old style property implementsDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-23eolian implements: prepare API for whole-property implementsDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-15eolian: silence clobbered variable warning.Cedric BAIL
2016-12-15eolian: enable typechecked expression validationDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-14eolian: handle pointer types in typechecking expr evalDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-14eolian: handle pointers in aliased_base_getDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-14eolian: unary expr eval for floats and add a signed number maskDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-08eolian: clean up unnecessary logic in eolian_documentation_string_splitDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-07eolian: forgotten free() (leaks memory otherwise)Daniel Kolesa
2016-12-07eolian: switch reference validation to new tokenizerDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-06eolian: add a reference resolverDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-01eolian: remove handling of short refs in tokenizerDaniel Kolesa
2016-12-01eolian: add documentation tokenizerDaniel Kolesa
2016-11-28eolian: remove all duplicated affixJee-Yong Um
2016-11-10eolian: remove parsing of pointers and the corresponding APIsDaniel Kolesa
2016-11-07eolian: remove Eina_Promise.Cedric BAIL
2016-11-03eolian: rename is_ref API to is_ptr to match syntaxDaniel Kolesa
2016-11-02eolian: rename ref to ptr to avoid confusion with eo refsDaniel Kolesa