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2015-05-07ethumb: remove the need to order the header correctly for Windows.Cedric BAIL
2014-10-20ethumb: update API documentation.Philippe Caseiro
- ethumb_generate - ethumb_exists - ethumb_dup - ethumb_cmp
2014-10-20etumb: updating API documentation.Philippe Caseiro
- ethumb_thumb_compress_set - ethumb_thumb_compress_get - ethumb_video_start_set - ethumb_video_start_get - ethumb_video_time_set - ethumb_video_time_get - ethumb_video_interval_set - ethumb_video_interval_get - ethumb_document_page_set - ethumb_document_page_get
2014-10-20ethumb: update API documentation.Philippe Caseiro
- ethumb_frame_set - ethumb_frame_get - ethumb_thumb_dir_path_set - ethumb_thumb_dir_path_get - ethumb_thumb_category_set - ethumb_thumb_category_get
2014-10-20ethumb: document most functions from ethumb.Adrien Nader
2014-10-20ethumb: add documentation for Ethumb_Version structure.Nicolas Aguirre
2013-11-04alpha1 release autofoo/build tree work to pass distcheck and actually workv1.8.0-alpha1Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)
2013-01-12merge ethumb.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
This one was a painful bitch. The edbus2 port was quite broken, mainly leaking eina_stringshare and also not adding the '\0' to the strings that are represented as bytearray (paths cannot be utf8 to avoid translations). Emotion plugin was also quite bogus and the video thumbnail as edje (animated) is not working yet due bug in Edje_Edit api -- someone needs to investigate this, seems strange. Emotion plugin also had a bug that it was deleting the object from inside object callback. Now it seems to work. Please report if it does not. SVN revision: 82675