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2015-05-10ecore_cocoa,ethumb: fix compiling after EAPI policy changesJean Guyomarc'h
2013-01-12merge ethumb.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2011-12-28ethumb: make plugin API fully assynchronous and use it in emotion backend.Cedric BAIL
2011-11-28ethumb: cleanup API.Cedric BAIL
2010-09-19 ethumb: automagically orient thumbnails based on:Chidambar Zinnoury
2009-09-17Ethumb improvements and more docs.Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-09-12API BREAK: Fix Ethumb API to be more EFL-likeGustavo Sverzut Barbieri
2009-07-13Added support to creating animated thumbnails from videos.Rafael Antognolli
2009-07-09Added support to set quality and compress level.Rafael Antognolli
2009-07-09Added support to free_data callbacks.Rafael Antognolli
2009-05-19finished callback is always called now.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-21There is no more Ethumb_File.Rafael Antognolli
2009-04-21Removed some structures from Ethumb.h and put them in ethumb_private.h.Rafael Antognolli