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2017-12-14eolian: remove parent info from units (actually doesn't make sense)Daniel Kolesa
2017-12-14eolian: store unit inside lexerDaniel Kolesa
2017-12-14eeze: Remove unused device variablesChris Michael
As we do not ever use the udev_devices created from udev_device_new_from_syspath in these functions, remove them. @fix Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-12-14eeze: Don't leak udev enumerationChris Michael
If we cannot create a new udev device, then we should free the previously created udev enumeration from above. @fix Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-12-14elm: Include elm_widget.eo.h for EO APIJean-Philippe Andre
This is the header that exposes the efl_ui_widget API. Only for the EO / Unified API.
2017-12-14elm: Add "shadow" part to all widgetsJean-Philippe Andre
This makes it possible to very easily create drop shadows and glow effects on any widget. This is absolutely not optimized, though the main performance bottleneck is that the proxy images get redrawn after just moving. @feature
2017-12-14efl: Add simple API for "blur" effectsJean-Philippe Andre
This will use the Efl.Gfx.Filter interface internally, but makes it usable by normal people.
2017-12-14evas filters: Add "alphaonly" flag for blend and blurJean-Philippe Andre
This is very useful to specify precisely which kind of RGBA -> Alpha conversion you want. If all you wanted was the alpha layer to use as a mask, set this flag to true. @feature
2017-12-14evas: Avoid invalid call to efl_fileJean-Philippe Andre
If not legacy, the object does not accept files, resulting in an ERR message.
2017-12-14evas: Fix potential crash with draw contextJean-Philippe Andre
Using filters I end up in situations where this function returns NULL and all hell breaks loose. I guess the spinlock is what makes this possible (race condition). @fix
2017-12-14elm_code: Correct tooltip behaviour for elm_cde_widgetAndy Williams
2017-12-14efl.image.load: fix eolian redefine warnings for load_error{}Amitesh Singh
load_error{} was defined in efl.file as well. remove load_error{} from efl.image.load intf and implement Efl.File.load_error{} instead. Ref T6514
2017-12-14efl_ui_popup: Code refactorying for elm_layout_sizing_evalJaehyun Cho
Use flags for group calculation, size calculation and align calculation. If the flag for size calculation is set to be false, then size is not calculated in the efl_canvas_group_calcualte(). (The flag for align calculation works the same way.) Efl.Ui.Popup's sub classes can set the above flags false before they call efl_canvas_group_calculate() with its super class not to calculate size or align by its super class.
2017-12-13ecore: rename Efl.Loop_User to Efl.Loop.Consumer.Cedric BAIL
2017-12-13elm_code: Fix tooltip crashAndy Williams
2017-12-13ecore_wl2: Better handling of extra commitDerek Foreman
Discard the old callback so it can't fire later - which can happen after the window's deleted in certain cases.
2017-12-13edje: fix using undefined ↵Ivan Furs
macros(ECORE_AUDIO_OUT_RENDER_CLASS/ECORE_AUDIO_OUT_RENDER_EVENT_CONTEXT_FAIL) Summary: @T6154 Reviewers: vtorri, NikaWhite, raster, cedric Subscribers: artem.popov, jenkins, cedric, jpeg Tags: #windows, #efl Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-12-13ecore_audio: fix using undefined macrosIvan Furs
Summary: @T6154 Reviewers: vtorri, cedric, NikaWhite, raster Subscribers: artem.popov, vtorri, jenkins, cedric, jpeg Tags: #windows, #efl Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-12-13Revert "Revert "ecore_audio: a minimal template for playing sound on WINDOWS ↵Cedric BAIL
is added"" This reverts commit 4457f8c9c8aea0dffa6fbbfd6caaa655da1c0094.
2017-12-13efl: drop deprecated Encoding key from desktop filesRoss Vandegrift
Summary: The Encoding key is no longer required, all desktop files are assumed to be UTF-8 encoded. See details at: Fix various typos and misspellings lintian, Debian's package checker, uses strings to check for common typos in compiled binaries. This change fixes the ones it identified in 1.20.6. Reviewers: cedric Reviewed By: cedric Subscribers: cedric, jpeg Differential Revision: Signed-off-by: Cedric BAIL <>
2017-12-13efl-cxx: Fixes to make distFelipe Magno de Almeida
2017-12-13elementary: Add efl_ui_list widgetFelipe Magno de Almeida
2017-12-13efl_ui_popup_alert_text: add expandable featureTaehyub Kim
Summary: add expandable feature for text popup Test Plan: 1. run elementary_text -to Ui.Popup.Alert.Text 2. check the cases of the sample Reviewers: Jaehyun_Cho, jpeg, woohyun, thiepha, Blackmole, cedric Reviewed By: Jaehyun_Cho Differential Revision:
2017-12-13efl_ui_popup_alert_scroll: Fix indentation on eo fileJaehyun Cho
2017-12-13text: Another event info fixJean-Philippe Andre
I shouldn't have pushed so fast! :)
2017-12-13text: Fix event info in one caseJean-Philippe Andre
Dunno how to test... but this seems pretty obvious.
2017-12-13text: Don't use legacy eventsJean-Philippe Andre
Efl.Ui.Text is an EO object, why use the legacy event API?
2017-12-13text: Merge changed,user eventsJean-Philippe Andre
Efl.Ui.Text and Efl.Ui.Text.Interactive were both defining it.
2017-12-13text: Fix event propagation (changed,user)Jean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-13efl_ui_popup_alert_scroll: Modify variable name for better understandingJaehyun Cho
obj_min means the minimum size excluding scroller's minimum size. scr_min means the minimum size including scroller's minimum size.
2017-12-13efl: Move VG-specific change event to efl.gfx.pathJean-Philippe Andre
2017-12-13elm: Uniform change event for nstate,radio,checkJean-Philippe Andre
I added convenience macros for check and radio, easing discoverability in C. This will avoid C# issues such as: lib/elementary/elm_pan.eo.cs(14,23): warning CS0108: `elm.Pan.CHANGED' hides inherited member `efl.Gfx.CHANGED'. Use the new keyword if hiding was intended lib/efl/interfaces/efl_gfx.eo.cs(24,23): (Location of the symbol related to previous warning) Since nstate is not a legacy widget, I can safely change the event name and the test case.
2017-12-13Efl.Canvas.Object: add legacy APIs for pointer_coords_inside_get()Amitesh Singh
fix the b0rkage after 8fb49de5eb179ba
2017-12-12docs: Fix referencing formatAndy Williams
All except references to Efl.Ui.Win_Inline
2017-12-12elementary: Comment out defined but unused variableChris Michael
Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-12-12elementary: Comment out unused defined variableChris Michael
This looks like it may be used in the future, or Was used and is no longer needed. I'll let the author of this decide on that one ;) but this commit cleans up the compiler warning of defined but not used. Signed-off-by: Chris Michael <>
2017-12-12efl_ui_focus_manager_calc: move the second stage result to another listMarcel Hollerbach
holding them in the same list is a problem due to the fact that a member B in partners of A means that there also needs to be A in the partners of A. Due to this fact the cleanup logic before missed a few nodes and crashed in some cases. This is now fixed.
2017-12-12efl_interfaces_main: Fix NULL API of Efl.Canvas pointer_iterateJaehyun Cho
The Efl.Canvas beta API, pointer_iterate, was not found correctly due to the absence of EFL_CANVAS_BETA macro.
2017-12-12Efl.Canvas.Object: rename pointer_coords_inside_get to coords_inside property.Amitesh Singh
Also change the signature of the function. Pass Eina_Position2D instead.
2017-12-12Efl.Canvas: make pointer_iterate a beta APIAmitesh Singh
Gesture framework should implement it.
2017-12-12elm: Rename struct to Efl.Ui.Widget.Focus_StateJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5363
2017-12-12elm: Remove unused declarations in eo fileJean-Philippe Andre
Ref T5363
2017-12-12format: Fixup the string format implementationJean-Philippe Andre
Use eina value convert and to_string. Do not fail. This removes unreachable code by making it active (to_string). Fixes T6204
2017-12-12elm: Rename slider part to part_indicatorJean-Philippe Andre
This is specific to the indicator. Fixes T6376 Fixes T5361
2017-12-12win: apply conformant features.Hosang Kim
Summary: - implement indicator enable/disable - implement indicator type - add indicator swallow area to border.edc - add 'test win indicator' sample Test Plan: elementary_test -> win_indicator Reviewers: woohyun, cedric, jpeg Subscribers: taxi2se, jypark, cedric, jpeg Differential Revision:
2017-12-11ecore_con: implement FIXME for Efl.Net.Control.Technology by returning ↵Cedric BAIL
2017-12-11ecore_con: use Eina_Future for Efl.Net.Control.Technology.Cedric BAIL
2017-12-11elementary: fixup typo breaking compilation.Cedric BAIL
2017-12-11eina: add an error for when a feature is not implemented.Cedric BAIL
2017-12-11ecore: rename efl_loop_Eina_FutureXXX_idle to efl_loop_idleCedric BAIL