BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/discomfitor/edje110genlist theme uses more target_groups as well as new edje_cc link apiMike Blumenkrantz8 days
devs/seoz/highlightMerge branch 'master' into devs/seoz/highlightDaniel Juyung Seo4 months
devs/seoz/item_select_mode_on_dir_keyworkingDaniel Juyung Seo6 weeks
devs/seoz/widgetMerge branch 'devs/seoz/widget' of git+ssh://git.enlightenment.org/core/eleme...Daniel Juyung Seo4 months
devs/tasn/clouseau_integrationClouseau: Move to eina_module instead of dlsym and close the handle.Tom Hacohen12 months
elementary-1.0branches/elementary-1.0 ChangeLog: Arrrg ChangeLog for r72591 backport.Daniel Juyung Seo14 months
elementary-1.7doxygen: add missing pictures for 'icon' and 'check' tutorialsJerome Pinot3 months
elementary-1.8release: Update NEWS and bump version for 1.8.4 releaseStefan Schmidt6 weeks
elementary-1.9ctxpopup: sd->box null check and event_flag set for previous and next focus m...Jaeun Choi6 hours
masterspinner: apply key bindingJaeun Choi6 hours
v1.9.3commit c95c9ac129...Stefan Schmidt48 hours
v1.10.0-tech-previewcommit ea8d9c7241...Stefan Schmidt2 weeks
v1.9.2commit cd38a6a2c6...Stefan Schmidt3 weeks
v1.9.1commit 63e989b7f8...Stefan Schmidt5 weeks
v1.8.5commit f861dcc5af...Stefan Schmidt6 weeks
v1.9.0commit 5983ab351d...Stefan Schmidt7 weeks
v1.9.0-beta2commit 9bfa62cc1b...Stefan Schmidt8 weeks
v1.9.0-beta1commit 2031cfc49d...Stefan Schmidt8 weeks
v1.9.0-alpha1commit 5830b763ce...Mike Blumenkrantz2 months
v1.8.4commit 390f0632ea...Stefan Schmidt3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 hoursspinner: apply key bindingHEADmasterJaeun Choi4-41/+259
6 hoursctxpopup: dimiss ctxpopup if escape key is pressed.ChunEon Park1-1/+1
6 hoursctxpopup: apply key bindingJaeun Choi4-30/+292
6 hoursctxpopup: sd->box null check and event_flag set for previous and next focus m...Jaeun Choi1-10/+8
10 hoursspinner: fixed odd behavior of the spinnerJaeun Choi1-10/+4
21 hourselm_web2: Implement select popup interfacesRyuan Choi1-0/+133
21 hourselm_web2: Implement several interfacesRyuan Choi1-35/+12
25 hoursspinner: unified two functions with different name and same functionalityJaeun Choi1-22/+11
28 hoursflipselector: apply key bindingJaeun Choi4-16/+115
28 hoursgengrid: apply key binidngJaeun Choi4-120/+953