BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devs/devilhorns/e_comp_wlfix formattingChris Michael5 weeks
devs/devilhorns/xwaylandxwayland: Add checks for xcb libraries needed for xwayland supportChris Michael2 months
devs/discomfitor/elmremove ec->changes.internal_propsMike Blumenkrantz11 days
devs/princeamd/enlightenment-0.17-eliveMain: Added more language flagsDeon 'PrinceAMD' Thomas3 months
devs/stefan/geolocationmodules/geolocation: Add source file for artwork.Stefan Schmidt10 days
devs/stefan/geolocation-rebased-on-elm-winmodules/geolocation: Add source file for artwork.Stefan Schmidt10 days
enlightenment-0.17Updating esperanto and french translationmaxerba3 months
enlightenment-0.18Revert "rename pager theme stuff to pager_plain to match current elm"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)2 months
enlightenment-0.19Fix wrong deskshow functionMarcel Hollerbach11 days
masterRevert "windows - allow close button to work again in internal wins"Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman)9 hours
v0.19.1commit 55165e2576...Mike Blumenkrantz6 weeks
v0.19.0commit 7e4a92c7b8...Mike Blumenkrantz2 months
v0.19.0-rc3commit acdd82f9ff...Mike Blumenkrantz3 months
v0.19.0-alpha2commit 9bd9907cd0...Mike Blumenkrantz5 months
v0.19.0-alpha1commit 11674070b0...Mike Blumenkrantz6 months
v0.18.8commit 7ff6901a9b...Mike Blumenkrantz6 months
v0.18.7commit 6869c05e3b...Mike Blumenkrantz7 months
v0.18.6commit 82d38bced8...Mike Blumenkrantz8 months
v0.18.5commit a0b62bedbd...Mike Blumenkrantz9 months
v0.18.4commit 5800269e1d...Mike Blumenkrantz9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hoursRevert "windows - allow close button to work again in internal wins"HEADmasterCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)8-8/+0
20 hoursonly show comp obj during internal win show if win not already visibleMike Blumenkrantz1-2/+5
20 hoursonly change internal win visibility on comp obj show if win not already visibleMike Blumenkrantz1-3/+1
25 hoursdon't call elm_shutdown() for nowMike Blumenkrantz1-1/+1
25 hoursremove unnecessary unfocused signal emit on clientsMike Blumenkrantz1-2/+0
28 hourswindows - allow close button to work again in internal winsCarsten Haitzler (Rasterman)8-0/+8
42 hoursseems like enlightenment_sys will still fail linkage on freebsd; workaroundq661-1/+2
43 hourswizard: use eina_list_free to free the listMarcel Hollerbach1-6/+1
44 hoursfix internal window closing with frame buttonMike Blumenkrantz1-0/+1