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1- sometimes rage/terminology application does not start by clicking
2icon on shelf. fix it by adding following line in /etc/
4and then run `sudo ldconfig`
5this generally happens if you install applications from source.
6- use paper theme - it looks super awesome with raster's dark theme.
7- reduce the size of shelf to 24 pixels. looks more decent.
8- to configure the environment variable which window manager might need to hv -> create files in /etc/profile.d/ and include lines like below
9export http_proxy="http://10....:8080"
10export https_proxy="..."
11- To disable tooltips on shelf icons, right click on one of icon -> Ibar -> settings -> unclick 'show icon label'
12- use slim as login manager
13 sudo pacman -S slim
14 vim /etc/slim.conf
15 change default user -
16 enable auto login
18 and disable gdm