AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-16add autogen.shHEADmasterBoris Faure
2014-02-15the title display saga continues...zmike
2014-02-15hide previous bg when swappingzmike
2014-02-15try fitting title text verticallyzmike
2014-02-14allow grouping/combining of fetch requestszmike
2014-02-14try adding outline to playlist header imageszmike
2014-02-14eet saver needs r/w to not delete data every time...zmike
2014-02-14fix eet lyric loadingzmike
2014-02-14add solid bg to playlist headerszmike
2014-02-14fix lyrics geomzmike
2014-02-14significantly improve main title display geometryzmike
2014-02-11close and reopen eet files on every read for eet loaderzmike
2014-02-09set excetra log dom to ERRzmike
2014-02-09ss2 updatezmike
2014-02-09free url on gimageszmike
2014-02-09add google image fetcherzmike
2014-02-09account for image load failures in eet loaderzmike
2014-02-09don't result() for deleted metadata fetch requestszmike
2014-02-09fix image saving after downloadzmike
2014-02-09fix metadata fetch completionzmike
2014-02-09use right strings for eet loader text fetcheszmike
2014-02-09fix text sizing with long stringszmike
2014-02-09fix sqlite string escapingzmike
2014-02-09screenshot updatezmike
2014-02-08damn fit, you scary!zmike
2014-02-08set fit for title textzmike
2014-02-08redo metadata fetch api again, block unsupported fetches in modules, don't cr...zmike
2014-02-08handle playlist updates betterzmike
2014-02-08save lyrics and text more regularlyzmike
2014-02-08remove unused varszmike
2014-02-08use elm_genlist_item_subitems_get to improve header time accuracyzmike
2014-02-08update header contents on album changezmike
2014-02-08fix memfile copying for headerszmike
2014-02-08clip dummy groupzmike
2014-02-08redo metadata fetch api, unify text+image fetchers, add album images to headerszmike
2014-02-08add lyric saving to eet saverzmike
2014-02-08finally add group headers for playlist to see what artist/album songs belong tozmike
2014-02-08mouse wheel resets overlay timerzmike
2014-02-07increase mouse indicator transition time for checkszmike
2014-02-06add toggles for play modes, single/consume still todozmike
2014-02-06add methods for toggling play modeszmike
2014-02-06fix elyr buffer overflow, only escape if escape is necessaryzmike
2014-02-06update lyrics on song change if visiblezmike
2014-02-06remove lyric visibility INFszmike
2014-02-06fix lyric hide program infinite loopzmike
2014-02-06fix bg startup displayzmike
2014-02-06use queue_version to refresh playlist, move playlist refreshing to empddzmike
2014-02-06add lyrics module using excetra (lyricwiki), right click on bg for lyricszmike
2014-02-05change starting sizezmike
2014-02-05bgselector active blocks overlayszmike