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2015-04-29update EMC to new efl_model APILarry Jr
2014-12-30* Resizing of artwork to keep database small and fast;Guilherme Lepsch
2014-12-02* Included TagLib dependency.Guilherme Lepsch
2014-10-14added esqlmodel and fix rootpath to media in settings modelLarry Jr
2014-10-01added genlist in videolistLarry Jr
2014-09-23added settins modelLarry
2014-09-17autotools: Added "efl++ >= 1.11.99" dependency.Savio Sena
2014-08-21Added tmp definition for eo callback, fixed lambda by providing this, video s...Carlos Carvalho
2014-08-18Renamed configure input fileCarlos Carvalho