AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2011-02-09Fixed a bug in filtering managementkuri igen
2011-02-09Deleted unnecessary logfilekuri igen
Forgot to init to NULL an Eina_List
2011-02-08Adding some better commentskuri igen
2011-02-08Compilation of regexs while loading rules and once for all, instead of ↵kuri igen
compiling them for each message to filter
2011-02-08Add exemple rule that used message_unmatch and multiple regexpkuri igen
2011-02-08Added support for multi regex filters for log messageskuri igen
2011-02-01Added a missing free()kuri igen
2011-01-26Adding an autogen scriptkuri igen
2011-01-26Little patch so we dont loose messages when logs works too fastkuri igen
2011-01-26Stupid mistake =)kuri igen
2011-01-26Add eina_counter_new()kuri igen
2011-01-26We dont reconnect to ES for each message we have to send.kuri igen
We will connect at first message (wich takes 9ms here) and then all other messages will be processed in 0.2ms, kind of big perf improvement =)
2011-01-26I forgot eina_counter_start when c/c codekuri igen
2011-01-25Add eina counters to get time it takes to process a log messagekuri igen
2011-01-25Ajout des fichiers du projet smmankuri igen