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2014-01-07Make libstore to be more verbose on errors.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-07Add into store_add() et better log message, having the data displayed.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-07Give proper names to JSON variables.Guillaume Friloux
tags → @tags fields → @fields
2014-01-07Fix the use of Rules_Load for loading each rule that is freed afterGuillaume Friloux
listing all the files from the rules directory ... We create a Rule_Load structure for this now.
2014-01-02Fix rule name for deletion of logs, to be compatible with smman 1.0.0.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02More doc.Guillaume Friloux
2014-01-02Improve documentation.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-30Add some doc.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-27Make Smman catch SIGUSR1 signals to reload rules. Make Smman v2.0.0Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Smman can now insert logs into ES.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Allow to pause/resume poll over a file.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Update makefileGuillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Tags are now a list.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Make smman able to parse logs into JSON for ES.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Adding JSON library.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Tranform tags into a list, to ease the JSON conversion in smman.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Fix memory leaks in libconf.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-26Simplify code & avoid a behavior with ecore_timer_pause.Guillaume Friloux
Even if you pause a timer, you may have pending calls to that timer that wont get stopped. This led to multiple threads working on the same spy_file.
2013-12-23Add libstore that will take care of sending json data to elasticsearchGuillaume Friloux
2013-12-20Make Smman able to filter logs and tag them.Guillaume Friloux
Next step is turning logs into JSON and send them to ES.
2013-12-19Rules are now completly loaded.Guillaume Friloux
Next step is to setup the spy library to put a watch on each log file matching the globs from rules.
2013-12-19Smman can now load its conf file and fake loading of rules.Guillaume Friloux
Next step is to compile regexes and find log files to watch.
2013-12-18Rewrite of smman.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-18Add librules and fix other libs.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-17Delete old libconf file.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-17Rewrite of libconf to be clean. SMMAN BROKEN AT THIS COMMIT!Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-16No need to init eio. We dont use it.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-16Create event from main loop and not a thread.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-16Adding libspy.Guillaume Friloux
It needs to be used by smman as this will consume less cpu cycles than managing inotify events. When having a lot of logs, inotify events gets too annoying, thus the fact that we miss some of them. With libspy, files will be polled periodically, no matter the activity on them.
2013-12-13By default, search for ES on loopback.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-13Rework build, move libconf to lib folder.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-13Improve doc a bit.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-13Less files is better.Guillaume Friloux
Also removed some doxygen doc.
2013-12-12Change copyright as ASP64 is dead and ive always been the only oneGuillaume Friloux
working on this.
2013-12-12Rewrite of part of build system.Guillaume Friloux
2013-12-12Change copyright.Guillaume Friloux
ASP64 no more exists and i am the only guy working on it (well i havent since 2 years i am going to soon).
2013-06-05fix badly init var :xGuillaume Friloux
2013-06-04fseek uses an int, so switch to fseeko to have an off_t that will be 64 bits ↵Guillaume Friloux
long thx to makefile
2013-06-04Fuck you 32 bits.Guillaume Friloux
2011-02-09Fixed a bug in filtering managementkuri igen
2011-02-09Deleted unnecessary logfilekuri igen
Forgot to init to NULL an Eina_List
2011-02-08Adding some better commentskuri igen
2011-02-08Compilation of regexs while loading rules and once for all, instead of ↵kuri igen
compiling them for each message to filter
2011-02-08Added support for multi regex filters for log messageskuri igen
2011-02-01Added a missing free()kuri igen
2011-01-26Little patch so we dont loose messages when logs works too fastkuri igen
2011-01-26Stupid mistake =)kuri igen
2011-01-26Add eina_counter_new()kuri igen
2011-01-26We dont reconnect to ES for each message we have to send.kuri igen
We will connect at first message (wich takes 9ms here) and then all other messages will be processed in 0.2ms, kind of big perf improvement =)
2011-01-26I forgot eina_counter_start when c/c codekuri igen