AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-07Add comments for NULL-body loops.devs/deepwarrior/logloadOleksii Piskun
2017-11-07Interval_Fill: Process state events outside main loop in additional thread.Oleksii Piskun
2017-11-07Merge branch 'master' into devs/deepwarrior/logloadMykyta Biliavskyi
2017-11-07Fix codestyle.Oleksii Piskun
2017-11-07Fix zero timelabel when range from start of log-file chosen.Oleksii Piskun
2017-11-06tool: The terminal shows events from eina_log of fileIvan Furs
2017-11-02Documentation: add list with basic requirements.Mykyta Biliavskyi
2017-11-02UI: add function for updating event area when new data received.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: move getting Thread_Events struct in function.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: use rwlock for hash tables.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: use rwlock for arrays of thread events inside threads.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: use rwlock for thread arrays of thread events.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: use rwlock for state events.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-31Logload: use rwlock for threads.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Refactoring: remove field "name" from Event_Offsets struct.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Logload: use rwlock for cpufreqs.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Logload: use rwlock for cpuuse.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Create RWT locks for Eina_Arrays and Eina_Hash.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Logload: Remove logload,end callback.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-30Logload: process stream and log-file data in same wayOleksii Piskun
2017-10-27Fix multiple openning filter rules file by few instances of profiler.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-27Disable thumb scrolling for profiler.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-27Graphs: out-of-range error in graph normalization.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-27Fix eina_log macroses.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-27Refactoring: add callback to signal "event,fill" that fill task for displayin...Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-19Fix usage enum as boolean.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-19Fix order for events that start before interval.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-18Fix thread preview in case when exist events without start or finish.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-18Fix .desktop file.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-12Refactoring: for all events use binary search by time instead offsets.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-12Logload: use same function for read events for realtime and log-read.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-12Refactoring: sort events in arrays by time, if src time exist.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-12helper: changed sprintf to snprintfIvan Furs
2017-10-12helper: fix unnecessary memory allocationIvan Furs
2017-10-06helper: fix prevent buffer overflow for sprintfIvan Furs
2017-10-06Event area: add ability to select range by mouse.Mykyta Biliavskyi
2017-10-03Merge branch 'devs/deepwarrior/refactoring'Mykyta Biliavskyi
2017-10-03Add .arcconfigOleksii Piskun
2017-10-03Add copyrightsOleksii Piskun
2017-10-03Refactoring: fix tasks pointers.devs/deepwarrior/refactoringOleksii Piskun
2017-10-03Refactoring: rename log_event_free.Oleksii Piskun
2017-10-03Fix indentationOleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: add enum for event type.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: Fix code duplication.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: change virtual height of state event to 2.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: fix mem leaks.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: change functions order, delete unused code.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: fix collecting active events.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: rewrite Cpu events structs.Oleksii Piskun
2017-09-28Refactoring: store in event_offsets start and end time of event.Oleksii Piskun