AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-01Merge branch 'develop'0.1.1Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-06-27Ewe: update version to 0.1.1Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-06-27Update NEWS file to release 0.1.1Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-06-27Configure: build to current folder. Delete the build folder.Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-06-23eo: fixing syntax changes in eolian filesAndrii Kroitor
2014-06-04FIX: fix build ewe library with upstream versions efl and elementary.Mykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-30Merge branch 'develop'0.1.0Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-30Ewe: update version to 0.1.0Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-30Configure: update depandencies.Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-30Entry: remove the label from edc and manipulation functionVyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-29UTC: ewe_entryVyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-27ewe_entry: change entry text size from 10pt to 12ptMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-27Combobox: text set to main combobox win is added, change add, selected and de...Maksym Volodin
2014-05-27Entry: make ewe_entry_entry_set() set an empty string to the textblock if NUL...Kateryna Fesyna
2014-05-26UTC: ewe_statusbar/ewe_statusbar_item_append(preppend)Mykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-26UTC: ewe_statusbar/ewe_statusbar_item_insert_beforeMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-26UTC: ewe_statusbar/ewe_statusbar_item_insert_afterMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-26UTC: ewe_tabs/ewe_tabs_item_content_getMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-26ewe_tabs: added getter for item content.Mykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-24Ruler: check obj on false value in orient_setIgor Gala
2014-05-22Entry: Fix label and text styles of entriesKateryna Fesyna
2014-05-22Ruler: update calculate functionIgor Gala
2014-05-21Combobox: collapse, expand callbacks are added, clear for combobox is addedMaksym Volodin
2014-05-21Entry: Fix single line entries EDJ (wrong word wrap)Kateryna Fesyna
2014-05-21Combobox: items list free API addedMaksym Volodin
2014-05-20Entry: replace '\n' with ' ' on single line entry changedKateryna Fesyna
2014-05-20build: fixed edje_cc ellipsis warningAndrii Kroitor
2014-05-20Ewe_Tabs: refactorAndrii Kroitor
2014-05-20UI: default font changed to PT SansAndrii Kroitor
2014-05-20Ruler: add vertical ruler to exampleIgor Gala
2014-05-20Ruler: add "vertical" realizationIgor Gala
2014-05-19Combobox: disable state add with disable_set APIMaksym Volodin
2014-05-16Combobox: fix non item list calculation while expandMaksym Volodin
2014-05-16Combobox: add smart member for combobox edje object to set parent's clipperMaksym Volodin
2014-05-15ewe_tabs: API changeAndrii Kroitor
2014-05-15UTC: ewe_statusbar/warning fixesMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-14Combobox: item was added to callback call as event info. Example was updated.Maksym Volodin
2014-05-14Entry: Add check text passed to ewe_entry_entry_set()Kateryna Fesyna
2014-05-14Entry: fix glow reset on ewe_entry_entry_set()Kateryna Fesyna
2014-05-14Combobox: item content resize fixMaksym Volodin
2014-05-13Combobox: move addedMaksym Volodin
2014-05-13ewe_statusbar: change style.Mykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-12Update dependencies versionVyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-12Ewe_Statusbar: fixed styleMykyta Biliavskyi
2014-05-08Entry: Add bg changing on disableKateryna Fesyna
2014-05-08Ewe: update version to 0.0.6Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-05-08Ruler: add vertical style to "edc" partIgor Gala
2014-05-08tabs: item borders removedAndrii Kroitor
2014-05-07Combobox: scroller geometry addMaksym Volodin
2014-05-07Ruler: evas_smart_calculate changeIgor Gala