AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-12-25ewe_tabs: fix memory leakdevelopAndrii Kroitor
removed _elm_access_object_register call. we do not provide access layer yet
2014-12-12EWE: update version to 0.2.2Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-12-12Update NEWS file for version 0.2.2Vitalii Vorobiov
2014-11-24EWE_Tabs: change width of content border to 2 pixelsKateryna Fesyna
2014-11-11Combobox: fixing dead code in combobox.Vitalii Vorobiov
When giving NULL into set_title function it should set "" instead of NULL. But function was returning instany EINA_FALSE instead of doing something. (WITH TESTS) [Prevent fix #52809]
2014-11-11Combobox: fixing Read from pointer after free (USE_AFTER_FREE).Vitalii Vorobiov
[Prevent fix #52810]
2014-11-03EWE Tabs: apply new resources for Bookmark TabsKateryna Fesyna
2014-10-29UTC: fix block names for few Tabs testsKateryna Fesyna
2014-10-27EWE_Tabs: add new syle for tabsKateryna Fesyna
2014-10-27EWE_Tabs: implement elm_object_style_set()Kateryna Fesyna
2014-10-14Combobox: done left side align for text in default style.Igor Gala
2014-10-08Combobox: replace bga and add icon-add for small style of comboboxIgor Gala
Small style of combobox is used as button. So his look should be respectively to the button and constantly.
2014-09-29Combobox: changed counting item for showing and markup for small styleIgor Gala
There are changed calculating amount of showing items and respectively resizng of popu wundow. Also changed a size for group "small/default". Added calculating of minimal height of combobox thru edje_min_culc.
2014-09-29Combobox: deleted automatical resing of expanderIgor Gala
This commit fix uncorrectky work of combobox widget on KDE desktop
2014-09-29test_report_generator updatedAndrii Kroitor
2014-09-26Eo related: Change according to recent changes in eo_add().Andrii Kroitor
For more info check out a7560dbc61953c3652780f232e38adbd2d711972 in the EFL tree.
2014-09-24Combobox: get position of the parent window in the other wayIgor Gala
2014-09-24Combobox: added applying new style for base view in exampleIgor Gala
2014-09-23Combobox: added new API for setting style for base view.Igor Gala
2014-09-22Combobox: Add new styleIgor Gala
There are added new style for base combobox view, called 'small'. It would be used for setting combobox in a small buttons (not less than 26x26)
2014-09-22Combobox: changed size popup window calculation of comboboxIgor Gala
There are some changes in layout of item content of combobox. It is now possible to calculate the size of content and resize respectively the container and popup window.
2014-09-18ewe_combobox: hidding dropdown window before emitting "selected" signalAndrii Kroitor
2014-09-05EWE: update version to 0.2.1Vitalii Vorobiov
2014-09-05Update NEWS file for version 0.2.1Vitalii Vorobiov
2014-08-28Reapplying commit "build: updating eo files to match new eolian syntax""Andrii Kroitor
This reverts commit ce6ce83e7d047f74a8eee5013193ef864b99f1c7.
2014-08-27EWE: fixing efl and elementary dependenciesVitalii Vorobiov
2014-08-27EWE: update version to 0.2.0Vitalii Vorobiov
2014-08-27Update NEWS file for version 0.2.0Vitalii Vorobiov
2014-08-27Revert "build: updating eo files to match new eolian syntax"Vyacheslav Reutskiy
It's early. Not for version 0.3.0 This reverts commit 5675f28b1e58b3cfec16337fe73c72ca24316052. Change-Id: I872b33547ea3dcad8d8a104c7ba04ad7763f560d
2014-08-27build: updating eo files to match new eolian syntaxAndrii Kroitor
2014-08-24Entry: fix cursor default heightMaksym Volodin
2014-08-22Ewe: update version to 0.1.6Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-08-22Update NEWS file for version 0.1.6Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-08-22combobox: fix rare bug with multiple dropdown windowsAndrii Kroitor
2014-08-19put the needed header files in ewe_private.hVincent Torri
2014-08-19typo in the guardsVincent Torri
2014-08-19fix ewe_test.exe make rule on Windows (EXEEXT variable not defined ↵Vincent Torri
sufficiently soon)
2014-08-19add namespace to avoid name conflict on WindowsVincent Torri
2014-08-19reorganize inclusion of headers to not screw EAPI on WindowsVincent Torri
2014-08-19guard all header files to avoid multiple inclusionsVincent Torri
2014-08-19link library against ElementaryVincent Torri
2014-08-01updated .gitignoreAndrii Kroitor
2014-07-31Ewe: update version to 0.1.5Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-07-31Update NEWS file for version 0.1.5Vyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-07-31Define the EAPIVyacheslav Reutskiy
Patch sent Vincent Torri <>
2014-07-31Update combobox styleVyacheslav Reutskiy
Delete bg (bg + shadow) image from dropdow window. Now used the system window shadown. Make the content paddings smallest.
2014-07-31Add the version to the ewe themeVyacheslav Reutskiy
2014-07-30Combobox: refactoringIgor Gala
Fixed bug about false geometry of popup window. Now, when counts list is empty, popup window (expander) don't popup. Min size of edje objects are set in combobox.edc, therefor don't need call edje_size_min_calc. This func return allways the same value;
2014-07-29Tabs: fix vertical bg colorMaksym Volodin
2014-07-28Combobox: some minor fixesIgor Gala
Fixed func item_del and passing smart data to on_clicked callback instead main object