AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-06-05add EGui 0.3.0 requirements to EFL/Elementaryv0.3.0egui-0.3Yakov Goldberg
2014-06-02cmake: find FFI fix.Yakov Goldberg
- update search path according to cmake version
2014-06-02couple of mem leaks fixedYakov Goldberg
2014-06-01Fix according to Eo changes in eflYakov Goldberg
2014-06-01README upYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29Merge branch 'develop' stable version 29.05.2014Yakov Goldberg
2014-05-29README updatedYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29update exampleYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29fix generation of json for items with callbacksYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29fix place, where default project name is savedYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29examples updatedYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29add comments and cleanupYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29Fix Valgrind issuesDaniel Zaoui
2014-05-29leak fixesYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29refactoring propview_buildYakov Goldberg
2014-05-29add checks for ResMan->ImagesYakov Goldberg
2014-05-28add fileselector for image resourcesYakov Goldberg
2014-05-28Large ResMan-Sequences refactoringYakov Goldberg
!!!Important: if you have any projects, change "Sequences" section in Resource JSON. Now sequences are resources which have only names, no values. So Resources JSON for sequences is an array of names. Parsing and generation were fixed in order to parse/generate proper JSON. Resource Manager -> Sequences: - fixed all fields, which are needed to add/display/edit sequences
2014-05-28change event callbacks to Eo-styledYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27remove warnings when edit itemsYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27fix behavior of Apply button in settings windowYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27Temp: remove execute from BigBang. Resource manager will be changed soonYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27fix ResMan viewYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27add project_name as prefix to each sequenceYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27fix empty file name when parsingYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27typoYakov Goldberg
2014-05-27Update TODODaniel Zaoui
2014-05-26Fix management of resize object in windowsYakov Goldberg
- if some object is already used as resize, don't allow to choose it; - disable possibility of changing resize object (only deletion).
2014-05-26README upYakov Goldberg
2014-05-26TODO updateYakov Goldberg
2014-05-26add icons to tollbar itemsYakov Goldberg
2014-05-26Eolian: adapt code to new APIDaniel Zaoui
2014-05-25we don't want to keep selection of item, when toolbar is clickedYakov Goldberg
2014-05-25print warning, when there is no active contextYakov Goldberg
2014-05-25TODO cleanupYakov Goldberg
2014-05-25refactoring Generator interfaceYakov Goldberg
- renaming get_gui() -> project_name_gui_get
2014-05-25comment out possibility of generatin JSONYakov Goldberg
2014-05-25generator: generate code, json or bothYakov Goldberg
2014-05-22add JSON generation of Settings sectionYakov Goldberg
2014-05-22small refactoring of gui generate funcYakov Goldberg
2014-05-22add parsing of Settings sectionYakov Goldberg
2014-05-22adding settings viewYakov Goldberg
2014-05-21clean propview when refresh contextYakov Goldberg
2014-05-21fix error with empty callbackYakov Goldberg
2014-05-21fix error message in parsingYakov Goldberg
2014-05-21fix packing when adding callbackYakov Goldberg
2014-05-21fixing layoutYakov Goldberg
2014-05-20remove printfYakov Goldberg
2014-05-20clean egui_layout to be similar to autogenerated fileYakov Goldberg
2014-05-20fix compilation for testYakov Goldberg