AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-02-16add hardcoded cases for Edje and evas_object_size_set/getdevelopYakov Goldberg
2014-02-16fix closure bracket for constructors sectionYakov Goldberg
2014-02-16remove ; from the closure of each section.Yakov Goldberg
2014-02-16change 'signals' to 'events'Yakov Goldberg
2014-02-13fix regex, to allow bracket in event's commentYakov Goldberg
2014-01-22eo generation description addedYakov Goldberg
2013-12-30add const for get param, if there is no const for set param, and vise versaYakov Goldberg
2013-12-30save all parameters of API; add object: const;Yakov Goldberg
2013-12-30add additional checks fo parameters numYakov Goldberg
2013-12-29add support for properties with RETURNYakov Goldberg
2013-12-18some changes to Ragel formatYakov Goldberg
2013-12-08look for legacy functions, using class legacy nameYakov Goldberg
2013-12-08add 'object' into Evas_Image for legacyYakov Goldberg
2013-12-05add implements and signals sections to Ragel eoYakov Goldberg
2013-12-05add generation of eo file in Ragel formatYakov Goldberg
2013-11-25fix to generate desc for constructors as for methodsYakov Goldberg
2013-11-25fix type of function being implementedYakov Goldberg
2013-11-24don't save return_type if type is voidYakov Goldberg
2013-11-24don't save legacy name for function, which totally matchesYakov Goldberg
2013-11-24add set/get sections for property, remove typeYakov Goldberg
2013-11-21update parameters section in methods and propertiesYakov Goldberg
2013-11-17add _comment_preparse() functionYakov Goldberg
2013-11-14parsing EAPI to get return parameter type and legacy nameYakov Goldberg
2013-11-12add warning message when number of params in comment != number of params in m...Yakov Goldberg
2013-11-12small cleanupYakov Goldberg
2013-11-11add full parsing of eo eventsYakov Goldberg
2013-11-10add a couple of lines, to print classes names for DB generatorYakov Goldberg
2013-11-04added: old signals parsingYakov Goldberg
2013-10-30a little bit refactoringYakov Goldberg
2013-10-30add func to determine its typeYakov Goldberg
2013-10-29fix regex to match multiple quoted lines with quotes insideYakov Goldberg
2013-10-28add search of reloaded funcsYakov Goldberg
2013-10-28remove _get/_set from all properties; remove * from out paramsYakov Goldberg
2013-10-27remove * from OUT parameter in propertyYakov Goldberg
2013-10-27don't write rw for property typeYakov Goldberg
2013-10-27don't write parameters direction for propertiesYakov Goldberg
2013-10-24put constructors into conctructors sectionYakov Goldberg
2013-10-22start implement generating eo files in jsonYakov Goldberg
2013-10-22cleaning func build_eoYakov Goldberg
2013-10-21change "in,out" to "inout", beacause comma is delimeterYakov Goldberg
2013-10-17add rw/ro/wo modificator for property, remove section prop_set/getYakov Goldberg
2013-10-16keep brackets in parameters commentYakov Goldberg
2013-10-16remove spaces from commentsYakov Goldberg
2013-10-15don't generate empty section for props/methodsYakov Goldberg
2013-10-15dont add func, if it's comment doesn't existYakov Goldberg
2013-10-15fix comma in the end of last param and in the list of inherited classesYakov Goldberg
2013-10-15add COMMENT for funcs and properties in xml and eo filesYakov Goldberg
2013-10-15add fetching @brief and full desc from commentYakov Goldberg
2013-10-14add parsing parameter's comments from doxygenYakov Goldberg
2013-10-14add generations of methods/props/set props/ get propsYakov Goldberg