AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-15evas_elem example addedYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Cparser - deleting hardcoded BASE_ID for Base classYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Updating py examplesYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Bug fixes in cparser and xml parserYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Updating READMEYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Prettifying graph generatorYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Looks like I can use MULTILINE only once: or in compile() or in findall()Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Fixing setup'Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Fixing st.find to regexYakov Goldberg
2012-11-15Updating testsYakov Goldberg
2012-11-12Cleaning helperYakov Goldberg
2012-11-12Fix to avoid non-class XML'sYakov Goldberg
2012-11-09C: Graph gen; READMEYakov Goldberg
2012-11-09C: Project layout; setup addedYakov Goldberg
2012-11-08h_file_data_get() string.find() changed to regexYakov Goldberg
2012-11-08Release 0.0.1Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-08Ready for release 0.1Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07Some fixing to use regex instead of string.find()Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07Delete func find_token_in_brackets()Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07First working v after ressurectionYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07Starting unittesting for python funcsYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07fetch_data() func added. This func fetches all data from file and returns all...Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: Sketch to parse EO_DEFINE_CLASS in proper wayYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: finised to change generating in JsVisitor.Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A:C: Typedef resolve happens in XML generator.Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: XMLparser - typedef file can be added as inputYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: Generation python module implemented with visitor patternYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: js-bindings; dynamic_cast in object constructorYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07C: Cparser changed a way to match ops, defines and defsYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: Added generating event_global_freeze/thaw to jsYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07C: EoBse op_ids, callbacks in python, global_freeze/thawYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07C: parse bug fixed; Added: Parsing of EoBase moduleYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: XMLparser: get/set properties added;Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: in,out parameter support for js code generatingYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: property_get autogenYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: generating properties_set; methods; methods return valuesYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07C: First verion of auto generation js-cpp-files.Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07A: C parsing - added #define macro(params)Yakov Goldberg
2012-11-07AC: Added and generating separatedYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07F: looking for @def - #define macroYakov Goldberg
2012-11-07backupYakov Goldberg
2012-04-30initial commitYakov Goldberg