AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-05Pass changes as a dict in creatediff, as done now by arcThibault Saunier
2016-08-01Use the branch name as defined in revision when checking it out.Thibault Saunier
2016-07-29Avoid duplicated fieldsThibault Saunier
2016-07-29Allow applying patches that were raw pasted to phabricatorThibault Saunier
2016-07-29Implement checkout when no staging branch has been pushedThibault Saunier
2016-07-29Accept more exception type when trying to move to base commit cherry-picking ...Thibault Saunier
2016-07-29add requirements.txtGuillaume Desmottes
2016-07-29Add a runtime check on dependencies versionThibault Saunier
2016-07-28Add commit summarys in the task creation 'dialog'Thibault Saunier
2016-07-28Minor fixThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Enhance outputs all aroundThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Enhance printed information about attached commitThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Fix call to am_patch when calling `git phab merge`Thibault Saunier
2016-07-27Use staging repos if avalaibleThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Handle attaching first commit in a stack of several commitsThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Handle attaching binary filesThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Try to apply the `git format-patch` commit when cherry pickingThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Make setuptools-markdown a dependency only when uploading to pypyThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Enhance message to update previous commitThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Print traceback on exception while attaching a patchThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Use differential.creatediff to create diffsThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Use the pre-commit project to do the lintingThibault Saunier
2016-07-27Remove arcanist dependencyThibault Saunier
2016-07-21Use slugs rather than name for project lookupDaniel Stone
2016-07-15Do not fail if the commit hash is not present in the revisionThibault Saunier
2016-07-15Do not concider missing remote as being fatalThibault Saunier
2016-07-15Clean up output formatting a bitSjoerd Simons
2016-07-15Try harder to apply patches when cherry-pickingThibault Saunier
2016-07-15Handle error where no listed projects existPhilip Withnall
2016-07-07Eliminate duplicate Reviewed-by linesPhilip Withnall
2016-07-07Fix submitting the first commit in a repositoryPhilip Withnall
2016-07-07Document how to configure different push and fetch URLs for remotesAlexandru Băluț
2016-06-21Avoid failling when trying to remove a remote branch that has already been de...Thibault Saunier
2016-05-26Treat lines after "---" as as description of what was updatedSimon McVittie
2016-04-06Add a file so user can install with pipThibault Saunier
2016-04-06Add patch output support to cherry-pick/mergeSjoerd Simons
2016-03-25Add ability to specify a custom arcrc fileSjoerd Simons
2016-03-24Don't require a staging repositorySjoerd Simons
2016-03-24Don't ask for new task creating by defaultSjoerd Simons
2016-03-24Add a way to directly land a task in one stepThibault Saunier
2016-03-24Implement cherry-pick and mergeSjoerd Simons
2016-03-24Don't ask for push confirmation if not pushingSjoerd Simons
2015-12-18Remove dependency on GIThibault Saunier
2015-12-18Give information about possible faillure during pushing to phab' remoteThibault Saunier
2015-12-02create config dir if it doesn't existGuillaume Desmottes
2015-11-20Document where fullname->email mapping is storedXavier Claessens
2015-11-19Read emails mapping from ~/.config/git/phabXavier Claessens
2015-11-11Do not fetch already proposed commits if we have them locallyXavier Claessens
2015-11-11Inherit tracking branch when creating new branchXavier Claessens
2015-11-11attach: Add a few missing \n in summaryXavier Claessens