AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-02-28fix building of testsHEADmasterMike Blumenkrantz
2017-02-23only export azy_value_util funcs for old efl, don't require linking azy when ...Mike Blumenkrantz
2017-02-23force disable in-tree re2c and sawedoffzmike
2016-12-12Add azy_server_module_close().Guillaume Friloux
2016-07-15remove CFLAGS echoed in configure.acGuillaume Friloux
2016-07-15Revert "Still trying to fix cross compilation."Guillaume Friloux
2016-07-15Still trying to fix cross compilation.Guillaume Friloux
2016-07-13Trying to fix build over win-buildsGuillaume Friloux
2016-07-13Add CFLAGS to troubleshootGuillaume Friloux
2016-07-11Comment the most annoying printfs ever met.Guillaume Friloux
2016-03-31Use the proper macros and let them define the environment accordinglyDavy Defaud
2016-03-31Add generated spec file maelstrom.spec into MAINTAINERCLEANFILES list ofDavy Defaud
2016-03-31Add rpm/ into EXTRA_DIST file list to fix build errorDavy Defaud
2016-03-31Replace maelstrom.spec file by an autotool template maeltrom.spec.inDavy Defaud
2016-03-30Bump version to 1.0.3.Guillaume Friloux
2016-03-30Updating .gitignore file.Guillaume Friloux
2016-03-30shotgun: fix STARTTLS negociation when server implements RFC6120.Guillaume Friloux
2016-03-04Bump version to 1.0.2.Guillaume Friloux
2016-03-04Adding azy_server_start() that wont call main loop.Guillaume Friloux
2016-02-24maelstrom : update configure.acdmoity
2016-02-10delete azy_parser leak memorydmoity
2015-12-01azy_parser : boolean type accept now values 0 or 1 (int type). Add one test u...dmoity
2015-11-18fix make dist.Guillaume Friloux
2015-11-18Fix libshotgun for windows.Guillaume Friloux
2015-11-13azy test unit : add boolean type.dmoity
2015-11-13azy :dmoity
2015-11-06azy : add missing files for unit testsdmoity
2015-11-06azy : add unit tests for deserialization of jsondmoity
2015-10-29azy : prevent dead assignmentdmoity
2015-10-08Updating spec file.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Add missing memrchr.h in extra_dist.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Adding in extra_dist.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Removing revision count from make dist.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Adding rpm spec file.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Huu i was supposed to add rpm's dir and this file got pushed.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Removing more references to re2c.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Removing re2c as it is better to install it or make a buildep on it.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-08Adding rpm dir.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-05Removing libmaelstrom.a from libmaelstrom-dev.install.Guillaume Friloux
2015-10-05Add debian dir.Guillaume Friloux
2015-09-16azy_parser : if structure or string is not found we initialize it.dmoity
2015-08-11azy_parser : initialize struct already to avoid segfaultdmoity
2015-07-15check memory corruption in azy and extras/cJSONdmoity
2015-07-03check if ecore_con_client is not null before ecore_con_client_senddmoity
2015-06-15delete inline option of azy_events_chunks_donedmoity
2015-05-11Fix use of strndupa in libshotgun on freebsd.Guillaume Friloux
2015-03-17Do not declare memrchr when building under windows asGuillaume Friloux
2015-03-16use the good buffer when parse data in _azy_events_chunk_parsedmoity
2015-03-04Add memrchr for compilation of the email library on macosx.Guillaume Friloux
2015-01-14azy: Do not set ECORE_CON_REMOTE_NODELAY for windows.Guillaume Friloux