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2018-08-12Simplify autogen.shHEADmasterKim Woelders
2018-07-13Spec file cleanupsKim Woelders
2016-05-14Remove MAIN.ja and Woelders
2013-07-02Standard page font after img.Kim woelders
2013-07-02Move img's to after title.Kim woelders
2013-07-02Minor consistency tweaks.Kim woelders
2013-07-02Spec fix: Unown datadir/e16/E-docs, e16 owns that.Kim Woelders
2013-07-02Update .gitignore.Kim Woelders
2013-07-02Update Woelders
2013-03-25Remove AM_MAINTAINER_MODE and AC_PROG_MAKE_SET.Kim Woelders
2009-01-03Version Woelders
2009-01-03Autofoo tweaks.Kim Woelders
2008-12-31FILES now contains the files to be installed. Bump version.Kim Woelders
2008-12-31Package requires e16-edox.Kim Woelders
2008-12-31Remove obsolete image.Kim Woelders
2008-12-31Use font name aliases.Kim Woelders
2008-12-30Add .gitignore.Kim Woelders
2008-12-27Remove Vera font from e16-docs package.Kim Woelders -> configure.acPeter Wehrfritz
2008-08-23Remove .cvsignore.Kim Woelders
2008-08-17fix binary files.Carsten Haitzler
2007-11-11Doc cleanup and corrections. Change font to vera.Kim Woelders
2007-11-08New style AC_INIT, autofoo cleanups.Kim Woelders
2007-09-22Missed some.Kim Woelders
2007-09-22Autofoo cleanups. Make spec file name same as package name.Kim Woelders
2007-09-10Updates, formatting fixes.Kim Woelders
2007-09-10Autofoo cleanups.Kim Woelders
2007-09-10Enlightenment->E16 and other corrections (Yasufumi Haga).Kim Woelders
2005-06-04Fix default install.Kim Woelders
2005-06-03Fix "About theme" when e16-docs is not installed.Kim Woelders
2005-03-20Simplify building non-final releases.Kim Woelders
2005-03-202004->2005. Minor updates. Remove unused stuff.Kim Woelders
2005-01-05enlightenment->e16, version bump.Kim Woelders
2004-07-18Release -> 1.Kim Woelders
2004-07-12Minor doc correction (Yasufumi Haga <>).Kim Woelders
2004-07-05Make dox use new logo too.Kim Woelders
2004-05-25More spec file updates by Stuart Children <>Kim Woelders
2004-05-12Spec file updates by Stuart Children <>.Kim Woelders
2004-04-26Adjust release numbers.Kim Woelders
2004-04-25Minor doc updates.Kim Woelders
2004-03-13Build a noarch rpm.Kim Woelders
2004-03-11Initial importKim Woelders