AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-26Remove obsolete and unused AC_HEADER_STDCHEADmasterKim Woelders
2021-03-26Add /build to .gitignoreKim Woelders Add -n as alternative to NOCONFIGUREKim Woelders
2020-01-08Update .gitignoreKim Woelders
2018-10-05Reintroduce acflags for configuration of rpmbuildsKim Woelders
2018-08-12Version 0.9.v0.9.0Kim Woelders
2018-08-12Simplify autogen.shKim Woelders
2018-08-12Spec file cleanupsKim Woelders
2018-08-12Rewrite e_cb_key_change(), eliminating use of deprecated gdk_flush()Kim Woelders
2018-08-12Remove unnecessary use of deprecated gdk_flush()Kim Woelders
2018-08-12Simplify CommsFindCommsWindow()Kim Woelders
2017-04-16Version 0.8.v0.8.0Kim Woelders
2017-04-16Add .desktop file.Kim Woelders
2017-04-16Build .xz tarball too.Kim Woelders
2017-02-12Eliminate deprecated GtkAlignment stuff.Kim Woelders
2017-02-12Fix warning.Kim Woelders
2017-02-12Autofoo tweaks.Kim Woelders
2017-02-12.gitignore: Add compile.Kim Woelders
2013-08-25Add MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.Kim Woelders
2013-03-25Remove unnecessary AC_PROG_MAKE_SET and AC_PROG_LN_S.Kim Woelders
2013-03-25Fix typo.Kim Woelders
2013-03-25Fix spec file name in .gitignore.Kim Woelders
2013-03-24Remove gtk1 support, add (mostly working) gtk3 support.Kim Woelders
2013-03-17Fix memory leak.Kim Woelders
2013-03-17Use XkbKeycodeToKeysym() in stead of XKeycodeToKeysym().Kim Woelders
2010-07-26Spec file cleanups.Kim Woelders
2010-07-26Change package name to e16-keyedit for package naming consistency.Kim Woelders
2010-04-05Bump revision, autofoo cleanups.Kim Woelders
2010-02-14Version 0.7.v0.7.0Kim Woelders
2010-02-14Void function should not return value.Kim Woelders
2010-02-14Fix linking with --no-add-needed.Kim Woelders
2009-10-17Exit with error message if e16 is too old.Kim Woelders
2009-09-200.6.901. rpm revision tweak.Kim Woelders
2009-09-20Use new keybingdings ipc interface (requires e16 >= 1.0.1).Kim Woelders
2009-09-20Make e16keyedit work in e16 window mode.Kim Woelders
2009-05-15Version 0.6.v0.6.0Kim Woelders
2009-05-03Autofoo tweaks.Kim Woelders
2009-05-03Look for e16keyedit.db in default location if EROOT is not set.Kim Woelders
2009-05-03Remove more obsolete stuff.Kim Woelders
2009-05-03Remove pre 0.16.8 compatibility. Makes things work with post 0.16.8.Kim Woelders
2009-04-19Add .gitignore.Kim Woelders
2009-04-19Remove unmaintained debian stuff.Kim Woelders
2009-01-09Added debian/rules files with a new permissions set(755).Daniel Kolesa
2009-01-09prepare debian rules files for new chmod permissions.Daniel Kolesa -> configure.acPeter Wehrfritz
2008-08-23Remove .cvsignore.Kim Woelders
2006-12-16Version 0.5.v0.5.0Kim Woelders
2006-12-16Fix incorrect action text selection when using with e16 < 0.16.8.Kim Woelders
2006-12-16Generate spec file (causing to be included in release tarball).Kim Woelders
2006-04-04Update changelog.Kim Woelders