AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysFrench translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie)HEADmasterKim Woelders
10 daysUpdate poKim Woelders
10 daysFrench translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie)Kim Woelders
13 daysEnsure a couple of initialisations are never skippedKim Woelders
13 daysRemove unused SM_CLIENT_ID stuffKim Woelders
13 daysFix memory leak after failed execvp()Kim Woelders
2020-09-26Remove some (duplicated?) configuration identifiers that are not in definitionsKim Woelders
2020-09-26definitions: Remove long obsolete configuration item definitionsKim Woelders
2020-09-26conf.h: Remove some long obsolete configuration item definesKim Woelders
2020-09-25Hide Border struct internalsKim Woelders
2020-09-25Simplify checks for borderlessKim Woelders
2020-09-25Use border name wrapper function some moreKim Woelders
2020-09-25borders.c: Prefix static functions with _Kim Woelders
2020-09-25ipc.c: Trivial cleanupsKim Woelders
2020-09-09Update poKim Woelders
2020-09-09CM: Fix damage corner case (reparenting fading-out window)Kim Woelders
2020-09-09CM: Fix switching fadeout to fadeinKim Woelders
2020-09-09hiwin: Tweak debugKim Woelders
2020-06-29Merge variables controlling click-to-raise configurationKim Woelders
2020-06-27focus.c: Eliminate unnecessary variableKim Woelders
2020-06-23Make "only primary mouse button raises" option take effect immediatelyKim Woelders
2020-06-23Add option to allow only the primary mouse button to raise windowsKim Woelders
2020-06- Woelders
2020-06-201.0.22.v1.0.22Kim Woelders Avoid trouble with missing AM_LANGINFO_CODESETKim Woelders
2020-06-08Document the "absolute" parameter for the toggle_* window operationsPierre Neyron
2020-05-27Update poKim Woelders
2020-05-27French translation update (Philippe J. Guillaumie)Kim Woelders
2020-05-06Fix technical/shapewin move mode with window groupsKim Woelders
2020-05-06Fix technical/shapewin move mode through edge flipKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fold "groups" into "group_op" IPC commandKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Add group list ipc comandKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Eliminate _EwinInGroup()Kim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Simplify _GroupDelete() some moreKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups: Rework group configuration savingKim Woelders
2020-05-05snaps: Fix snapshot group remembering when all groups are deletedKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fix snapshot updatingKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Add some debugKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fix group deletionKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Add group del commandKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fix showing empty groupKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fix handling groups with negative idKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Mostly cosmetic tweaksKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: _GroupEwinDestroy() -> _GroupDelete()Kim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Enable popping up ewin group configuration dialogs from ipcKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Fold "group_info" into "group" IPC commandKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Refactor _GroupEwinRemove()Kim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Rename functions for more consistencyKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Reshuffle code to avoid forward declarationsKim Woelders
2020-05-05groups.c: Mostly cosmetic changes around group configurationKim Woelders