AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysUse installed gettext version, if possibleHEADmasterKim Woelders
13 days1.0.21.000Kim Woelders
2019-10-241.0.21.v1.0.21Kim Woelders
2019-10-24Update poKim Woelders
2019-10-03e_gen_menu: menu generation speedupsKim Woelders
2019-08-14Add sndio sound back endIngo Feinerer
2019-08-10Fix using sound in modular buildKim Woelders
2019-07-30Explicitly include sys/select.h where neededKim Woelders
2019-07-30Include potentially missing sys/select.hKim Woelders
2019-05-311.0.20.v1.0.20Kim Woelders
2019-05-30Fix potential warningKim Woelders
2019-05-30Fix build without compositeKim Woelders
2019-05-30Add gobject-2.0 dependency in case pango doesn't include itKim Woelders
2019-05-18Update poKim Woelders
2019-05-18Make config dialog edge flip mode changes take effect immediatelyKim Woelders
2019-05-10Forgot some 2019Kim Woelders
2019-04-25Update poKim Woelders
2019-04-25GSOD: Only react to shown buttonsKim Woelders
2019-04-25GSOD: Better keyboard grabKim Woelders
2019-04-25Fix timer havoc in obscure situationsKim Woelders
2019-04-25Fix potential memory leak in _ScreenInitXrandr()Kim Woelders
2019-04-25Use pkg-config some moreKim Woelders Drop check for unused wctype.hKim Woelders
2019-04-06Fix compositing glitches with tiled backgroundsKim Woelders
2019-04-06Remove unused headerKim Woelders
2019-04-06Fix potential segv in pulseaudio sound handlerKim Woelders
2019-04-06Fix memory leak in pulseaudio sound loaderKim Woelders
2019-04-04e_gen_menu: Various corrections and tweaksKim Woelders
2019-04-04e_gen_menu: Somewhat random menu generator changesKim Woelders
2019-04-02Restore background to last set if quitting background selectorKim Woelders
2019-04-02Correct refresh when switching away from background "None"Kim Woelders
2019-03-31Don't do double-clicks on scroll wheel eventsKim Woelders
2019-03-31Tweak winop opacity delta modeKim Woelders
2019-03-31Update Copyright in COPYINGKim Woelders
2019-03-26Fix restart after choosing Restart in GSOD on e.g. segvKim Woelders
2019-03-26Remove saveunders option from Miscellaneous Settings dialogKim Woelders
2019-03-20Correct (disabled) debug printoutKim Woelders
2019-03-05Introduxe ArrangeEwinCenteredOn()Kim Woelders
2019-03-05Split unplaced transient and dialog handlingKim Woelders
2019-03-05Fix transient placement involving desk/area change (take 2)Kim Woelders
2019-03-05Introduce EwinFindGroupMember()Kim Woelders
2019-03-05Optionally don't slide in DeskGotoByEwin()Kim Woelders
2019-03-05Revert "Fix transient placement involving desk/area change"Kim Woelders
2019-02-10Warning fix for gcc 9Kim Woelders
2019-02-10Tweak glwin commandsKim Woelders
2019-02-10Forgot indentKim Woelders
2019-01-14Update 'definitions'Kim Woelders
2019-01-02Fix transient placement involving desk/area changeKim Woelders
2019-01-02Remove pointless gotoKim Woelders
2019-01-02Update 'definitions'Kim Woelders