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The Rasterman: <> <>
aka. Carsten Haitzler
Mandrake: <>
aka. Geoff Harrison
Kim Woelders: <>
-------------- CONTRIBUTORS: -----------------------------------------------
All code contributed by contributors remains copyright to them respectively
if they wish to retain copyright. it is up to the authors of patches and
contributions to clearly mark their contributions with their name, email and
date in comments if they wish to retain copyright, otherwise it is assumed
to be transferred to the main E source body.
A BIG thanks to all those who have submitted patches:
Troy Pesola: <>
For contributing several patches, both to the current and
previous revisions of E
Chutt: <>
aka. Isaac Richards
Contributed a patch for use with esound that lowered
the RSS by around 200k with the default theme.
Owen Taylor <>
icccm widthdraw WM_STATE patch to fix some java endless loops
Sung-Hyun Nam <>
Fnlib OR X fonts used in text classes.
korean translation
Kimball Thurston <>
Fixes for cross-platform support on IRIX
Michael Kellen <>
For sound patches..... :)
Stalyn <add mail here>
For dock support.
Frederic Devernay <>
Patch for Session managemend IFDEF.
Felix Bellaby <>
LOTs of useful Session Management related code.
Michael Jennings (KainX) <>
lots of useful patches :)
Christian Kreibich <>
The whole window groups stuff, tooltip icons, menu sliding,
rotated fonts, labeled buttons, dox colors, window shading tweaks,
area wraparounds, translation, oh and Ganymede of course ...
Peter Kjellerstedt <>
Patches to fix loading of pre-parsed configuration files,
to fix RaiseLower functionality and make it work with
groups, to prevent endless loop when reloading menus,
and to prevent a crash when closing a large number of
windows quickly. internationalization support, etc
Knut Neumann <>
background IPC command
Nathan Heagy <>
menu diaplay patch
Simon Forman <>
groups patch
Brent A. Nelson <>
private colormap patch for 8bpp
Graham A MacDonald <>
patch to fix groups segfault bug
Martin Tyler <>
groups menu feature patch
modules/ipc segfault fix.
Jesse Michael <>
pointing out buffer overflow segfault problems in the IPC
Paul Duncan <>
mirror groups stuff (and workign on a kick-arse gui theme
editor called themble (
Daniel Erat <>
patches (OK i forgot what they all were - :-) )
Tom Gilbert <>
same as above (patches and I forgot what they all were)
Peter Alm <>
xmms patches to make it play nicer? :)
Ben FrantzDale <>
patches - flippy iconification patch :)
Hallvar Helleseth <>
patches for gnome menu gereation to scale icons down for us.
Kameran Kashani <>
Carl Strasen <>
Lots of help with documentation before the release
David Mason <>
patch with several spelling mistakes that got missed - thanks
Tom Christiansen <>
Man / Pod Pages
Ulf Carlsson <>
WarpFocus patch.
D<EFBFBD>nis Riedijk <>
gettext internationalisation patch for E
nl translation
Daniel Egger <>
localised file finding patches
Terje Rosten <>
po files for norwegian
Alexandre David <adavid@DoCS.UU.SE>
fix for KDE menu generation
Sylvain GIL <>
fixes for fr.po
Gergely Egervary <>
po files for hungarian
Bob Arendt <>
64-bit fixes for e and epplets. Added -ecachedir option to change
its location.
Marius Aamodt Eriksen <>
"Focuslist includes shaded windows" patch.
"Focusing While Switching" patch.
Kenneth Christiansen <>,
Birger Langkjer <>,
danish translation
Matthias Warkus <>
german translation
Antonio Ognio Cesti <>
spanish translation
Pedro Alexandre <>,
Daniel Vieira Pereira <>
portuguese translation
Vladimir STEPANOV <>
russion translation
Bernt Holmberg <>
swedish translation
Fatih Demir <>
Turkish translation
Graham Roff <>
dock app fix
ITANI Eiichiro <>
fix for font ascents
Masahiko Mori <>
much i18n stuff
Laurence J. Lane <>
minor stuff no one ever notices
Matt Wilson <>
dox alpha patch
(Real name?) <>
Patch for the option to position windows
centered under the mouse pointer.
Roberto Selbach Teixeira <>
pt_BR.po internationalization... :)
Kim Woelders <>
Extended WM Hints support
Stuart Children <>
Spec file updates
Michael Kim <>
Korean config/theme files
Korean translation update
Jaron Omega <>
Selective transparency
Ludwig Noujarret <>
French translation updates
Josh Holtrop <>
Smarter resizing
Kemal Sanjta <>
Bosnian translation
Viktor Kojouharov <>
Bulgarian translation
Hor<EFBFBD>k Gyuri <>
Hungarian translation update
Andreas Volz <>
Icons in focus list
Icons in dialog buttons
Rajsekar Manokaran <>
Patch for ARGB client support
Tres Melton <>
Pseudotrans update fixes
Dialog slider fixes
Peter Hyman <>
Contributions to README-0.16.8
Session script handling suggestions and user documentation
Yasufumi Haga <>
Japanese translation update
Contributions to README-0.16.8
Nathan Ingersoll <> (author),
Ibukun Olumuyiwa <>,
Dan Sinclair <>, and others
Tristan D. <>
French translation updates
Pietro Cerutti <>
Feature and bugfix patches
Don Harrop <>
Numerous enhancement suggestions and bug reports
E16 theme collection:
Peter Wehrfritz <>
German translation updates
sda <>
Russian translation
Massimo Maiurana <>
Italian translation
Olivier <>
Esperanto translation
Aron Xu <>
Chinese translation
Daniel Manjarres <>
Improved strut handling options, other patches and suggestions.
Tim Howe <>
Fix focus handling to support "Globally Active" model (used by Java)
And others whose names we probably forgot to add (email us and we'll put you
in here)