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Alastair Poole 876101cf95 panel: Fix mainview_goto_end() 3 years ago
editor editor: control + insert. 3 years ago
language language: Tidy up loose ends (C #) 3 years ago
mainview panel: Fix mainview_goto_end() 3 years ago
screens welcome: apply to correct obj 3 years ago
edi_build_main.c examples: extract example from git to create new projects 5 years ago
edi_config.c config: default settings for release. 3 years ago
edi_config.h settings: Line numbers (enable/disable). 3 years ago
edi_consolepanel.c BUILD: Fix changes in API for EFL 1.22 4 years ago
edi_consolepanel.h Fix typos. 6 years ago
edi_content.c statusbar: remove hack workaround. 3 years ago
edi_content.h statusbar: undo recursive dependency. 5 years ago
edi_content_provider.c content: move alternative content to edi_content.c 5 years ago
edi_content_provider.h fix doc 7 years ago
edi_debug.c DEBUG: Add Mono Debugging Support. 3 years ago
edi_debug.h debug: Improve the functionality greatly. 3 years ago
edi_debugpanel.c debug: Improve this functionality. 3 years ago
edi_debugpanel.h edi_process: Introduce new process API. 4 years ago
edi_file.c edi_file: replace. use a local temp directory rather than /tmp. 5 years ago
edi_file.h search: Add project-wide search and replace feature. 5 years ago
edi_filepanel.c scm: Correct SCM file panel behaviour. 3 years ago
edi_filepanel.h settings: add option to show hidden files. 4 years ago
edi_logpanel.c BUILD: Fix changes in API for EFL 1.22 4 years ago
edi_logpanel.h Fix typos. 6 years ago
edi_main.c edi: Focus. Return to normal for release. 3 years ago
edi_private.h editor: Changes in Editor Mode. 3 years ago
edi_scm_main.c Fix unsafe usages of basename 5 years ago
edi_scm_ui.c icons: Add more generic default icons 3 years ago
edi_scm_ui.h scm: refactor of scm 5 years ago
edi_searchpanel.c tasks: Search only when specified. 3 years ago
edi_searchpanel.h search: Cancel thread when closing. 3 years ago
edi_theme.c theme: Refresh filepanel on icon theme change. 3 years ago
edi_theme.h settings: Internal Icons. 3 years ago edi: Fix debugging on OpenBSD. 3 years ago