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@ -569,6 +569,18 @@ another core in the meantime allowing for higher framerates with
software rendering, using more cpu resources that are available on
modern multi-core cpu's.
This has been tested on x86 desktop and laptop cpu's with 2 and 4
cores and it works well, but there seem to be some issues on tested
multi-core ARM platforms like the nvidia tegra2. The source of issue is
unknown but you will notice rendering bugs with missing content or
incorectly drawn content. This requires you also set the environment
variable EVAS_RENDER_MODE to "non-blocking" to enable it at runtime,
as the compile-time enable simply sets up the feature to be ready to
work. The runtime switch actually turns it on. If you don't plan to
use this feature, don't enable it in the build as there is a general
performance hit of maintaining this feature at all, so beware that
enabling it for single core systems will likely take a performance hit.
--enable-pipe-render **DISABLED DUE TO BUGS**
this enables a multiple-thread renderer that divides the rendering