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This enables support for the Arm Cortex-A8 and later Neon register
set. In particular it will use neon optimised code for rotations and
drawing with the software engines. Open GL based renderers will gain
nothing from the use of neon.
To use neon with gcc-4.4 you need a post-2009 gcc and options
something like: -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfloat-abi=softfp -mfpu=neon
Note that this slightly slows down non-optimised parts of evas but
the gains in drawing are more then worth it overall.
This is enabled by default, and turns off if a small test program is
unable to compile.
Performance is at least 50%, and in some real world tests approaches
If you have any issues with neon, please report them to either the
edevel mailing list or Brett Nash <>
Cache rendered words and draw them as a single object, instead of
individual characters. This is a big gain for things like neon which
draw large runs effectively.
However it is useless on GL and similar backends as the cost in
sending a word sized texture kills the performance gain (and GL is
pretty good at drawing lots of small things anyway).
By default words (strings) of more then 50 characters are not cached.
The system caches 40 words by default, but this can be changed by
setting EVAS_WORD_CACHE_MAX_WORDS to another number. Setting it to 0
will disable word-cache at run time.
Text based benchmarks are 50-100% quicker.
If you have any issues with word caching, please report them to either
the edevel mailing list or Brett Nash <>
For GL see metric caching...
Metric caching saves character metrics between characters in words.
This enables it to render words much quicker as it avoids things like
space calculations and kerning calculation.
The cache seize is also controlled by EVAS_WORD_CACHE_MAX_WORDS
It is useful for GL in particular, although software engines do get
some gain.
Generally it is recommended you enable either word or metric caching,
depending on your engine use. If you are using software, enable word
caching (and neon on arm if you can), for GL, turn on metric caching.
If you have any issues with metric caching, please report them to either
the edevel mailing list or Brett Nash <>