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Sebastian Dransfeld 2dd1fe0d41 Delay cache recreation with a timer 12 years ago
ecore implement full event-driven error messaging api for all non-curl ecore_con 12 years ago
edje * edje: fix case with recursive alias. 12 years ago
eet remove double declared ret 12 years ago
eeze demonstrate eeze_disk_mountopts_get for coverage 12 years ago
efreet Delay cache recreation with a timer 12 years ago
eina Eina: Updated changelog. 12 years ago
eio eio: don't forget to init the list of links. Avoid segfault with eio_dir_copy and maybee(surely) others function 12 years ago
embryo put visual studio files outside the libraries directory 12 years ago
emotion remove useless calls 12 years ago
ethumb and last one, put again ethumb tests in the source tree 12 years ago
evas Evas text: Fixed compilation warning introduced in last commit. 12 years ago
evil * src/lib/evil_stdio.c: 12 years ago