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10 years ago
#ifndef E_MOD_MAIN_H
#define E_MOD_MAIN_H
# include "config.h"
#include <e.h>
# include <libintl.h>
# define D_(str) dgettext(PACKAGE, str)
# define DP_(str, str_p, n) dngettext(PACKAGE, str, str_p, n)
# define bindtextdomain(domain,dir)
# define bind_textdomain_codeset(domain,codeset)
# define D_(str) (str)
# define DP_(str, str_p, n) (str_p)
#define N_(str) (str)
typedef enum
DS_PAN, //slide desk in direction of flip
DS_FADE_OUT, //current desk fades to transparent
DS_FADE_IN, //new desk fades in from transparent
DS_BATMAN, //adam west is calling
DS_ZOOM_IN, //zoom in to new desk
DS_ZOOM_OUT, //zoom out from old desk
DS_GROW, //grow the view of the new desk based on flip direction
DS_ROTATE_OUT, //spiral current desk out while shrinking
DS_ROTATE_IN, //spiral new desk in while growing
DS_SLIDE_SPLIT, //split screen in X parts and slide away based on flip direction
DS_QUAD_SPLIT, //split screen into quads and move towards corners
DS_QUAD_MERGE, //split screen into quads and move towards center
DS_BLINK, //like blinking your eye
DS_VIEWPORT, //current desk viewport shrinks towards 1x1 at center
} DS_Type;
10 years ago
typedef struct Mod
E_Config_Dialog *cfd;
E_Module *module;
Eina_Stringshare *edje_file;
10 years ago
} Mod;
typedef struct Config_Types
Eina_Bool disable_PAN;
Eina_Bool disable_FADE_OUT;
Eina_Bool disable_FADE_IN;
Eina_Bool disable_BATMAN;
Eina_Bool disable_ZOOM_IN;
Eina_Bool disable_ZOOM_OUT;
Eina_Bool disable_GROW;
Eina_Bool disable_ROTATE_OUT;
Eina_Bool disable_ROTATE_IN;
Eina_Bool disable_SLIDE_SPLIT;
Eina_Bool disable_QUAD_SPLIT;
Eina_Bool disable_QUAD_MERGE;
Eina_Bool disable_BLINK;
Eina_Bool disable_VIEWPORT;
} Config_Types;
10 years ago
typedef struct Config
unsigned int config_version;
Eina_Bool disable_ruler;
Eina_Bool disable_maximize;
Eina_Bool disable_transitions;
unsigned int disabled_transition_count;
Config_Types types;
10 years ago
} Config;
10 years ago
extern Mod *mod;
extern Config *ds_config;
EINTERN void ds_fade_setup(Evas_Object_Event_Cb click_cb);
EINTERN void ds_fade_end(Ecore_Cb cb, Evas_Object_Event_Cb click_cb);
9 years ago
EINTERN void ds_init(void);
EINTERN void ds_shutdown(void);
10 years ago
EINTERN void mr_shutdown(void);
EINTERN void mr_init(void);
EINTERN void maximize_init(void);
EINTERN void maximize_shutdown(void);
9 years ago
EINTERN void pip_init(void);
EINTERN void pip_shutdown(void);
EINTERN void ds_config_init(void);
EINTERN void ds_config_shutdown(void);
9 years ago
EINTERN void zoom_init(void);
EINTERN void zoom_shutdown(void);
9 years ago
EINTERN void mag_init(void);
EINTERN void mag_shutdown(void);
EINTERN void runner_init(void);
EINTERN void runner_shutdown(void);
EINTERN void runner_save(void);
10 years ago