5 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Carsten Haitzler d1486a92a0 use ecore_on url - nuke warnings and use mouse up for popup 2 years ago
Alastair Poole 510af8f0a1 weather: Bye Yahoo. 2 years ago
Davide Andreoli 1a2f682b28 Forecasts: make translation works again 2 years ago
Vincent Torri cf0dc6c3ad fix possible undef ref when gettext is disabled or not installed 11 years ago
Daniel Kolesa 06c855ef72 EMODULES: Fix & Unify autofoo stuff everywhere, fix dist tarballs support, add ability to create dist tarball of all modules. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL d80cf7bac9 Remove Evas list from all E-MODULES. 14 years ago
Eric Schuele 8deda34e2a Update to yahoo new xml format and add option to allow popup on mouse click 15 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov fd92dfda12 ports these modules to the new api 15 years ago
Sebastian Dransfeld d008eb0369 Fix for gadcon update. Not added new gadcon functions. 15 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov 90ebe19fcf use the gadcon popup 15 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov d0d4831acc The popup is now recreated every time the content changes, and there will be no popup until a first response is obtained from the server. This will stop the different parts of the content from overflowing when it changes. 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov 1b884fc3ea The popup can finally fit around it's content, instead of being a fixed value. IT can also be pinned, by clicking the gadget itself. It can also support shaped themes, an will emit e,state,pinned or e,state,unpinned to the theme when the said states are activated. Some of the content of the popup has been moved around to fit better 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov b3db316e42 instead of overwriting the weather module again, I'll put everything here. 16 years ago