108 Commits (11cb0544b3e705fc448b522edeba7155d94a0d0d)

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Viktor Kojouharov 9b63a12dae the popup will (should?) now appear correctly no matter what the shelf layer is 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov d0d4831acc The popup is now recreated every time the content changes, and there will be no popup until a first response is obtained from the server. This will stop the different parts of the content from overflowing when it changes. 16 years ago
Massimo Maiurana 52d0884a03 *** empty log message *** 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov da7a9461ff upped the max size a little 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov b8b90d3b9a Added the current temp to the popup, and a bg translation 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov 1b884fc3ea The popup can finally fit around it's content, instead of being a fixed value. IT can also be pinned, by clicking the gadget itself. It can also support shaped themes, an will emit e,state,pinned or e,state,unpinned to the theme when the said states are activated. Some of the content of the popup has been moved around to fit better 16 years ago
Miculcy Brian 161a5c94f8 I guess this was a quick search 'n replace? ;) 16 years ago
Viktor Kojouharov b3db316e42 instead of overwriting the weather module again, I'll put everything here. 16 years ago