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Simple TEXT Clock module for e17 v0.2
... it suck less (from you computer resouces)
made by adi roiban for e17 community

many thanks to Michael Jennings for making this package

now let's go
to modify the clock format read the documentation from stftime
and modify the tclock_format part from tclock.edc file then recompile tclock.edc

so just look for something like /usr/lib/e_modules/tclock
and there you should file an tclock.edc file
hack that file and after that compile it with
edje_cc tclock.edc

for example you can change the background, just replace the background.png
file and recompile tclock.edc

restart e17 and you should see the changes

if you had problems using this module
please write me at

now you must restart(reload the module, don't press that button)
when you chose the time resolution.... i do not master e_core_timers
so i can not say it the times work corectly or not.