12 Commits (c50e7b2bc1ea1dfd4c75b11f8d9632e6004871ae)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stephen 'Okra' Houston c50e7b2bc1 Ephoto: Make thumbnailer work correctly. 5 years ago
Stephen 'Okra' Houston a705f9a626 Ephoto: Ecrustify Formatting 5 years ago
Stephen 'Okra' Houston 4828fe95a4 Ephoto: Give the user the option to choose between cropped thumbnails and aspect based thumbnails. 6 years ago
Stephen 'Okra' Houston dc89de84e9 Ephoto: Move root/home shortcuts into the context menu and remove min size restrictions that affect window resizing. 6 years ago
Stephen okra Houston be7fbb3419 Ephoto: Install thumbnailer to the lib directory. 6 years ago
Stephen okra Houston 43b179f0aa Revert "Ephoto: Add ability to scale images." Not ready yet. 6 years ago
Stephen okra Houston 9394902746 Ephoto: Add ability to scale images. 6 years ago
Stephen okra Houston a6aee9555b Ephoto: Clean up/organize code to get ready for release. Use a pane widget for the thumbnail view. Use raise() to work around genlist bug. 7 years ago
Stephen okra Houston c2a555939d Add new files for thumbnailing 7 years ago
titan 12c68013d8 Remove ephoto_thumb.c and use elm_bg. 13 years ago
Cedric BAIL 32b4c39995 * ephoto: use ecore_long_run instead of idler to do async blocking IO. 13 years ago
titan 1218856b51 This is a rework of ephoto using mostly elementary. It is very basic and doesn't have much functionality at all, but that will come soon enough. Feel free to install it and run it in a directory of photos/images to get an idea of the direction and provide feedback/ideas. 13 years ago