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#include "ephoto.h"
static Ewl_Widget *list_view_new(void);
static void list_view_assign(Ewl_Widget *w, void *data);
static Ewl_Widget *list_header_fetch(void *data, int column);
static void *list_data_fetch(void *data, unsigned int row, unsigned int column);
static int list_data_count(void *data);
static void set_active_list_view(Ewl_Widget *w, void *event, void *data);
/*Add the list view*/
Ewl_Widget *add_list_view(Ewl_Widget *c)
em->list_vbox = ewl_vbox_new();
ewl_object_fill_policy_set(EWL_OBJECT(em->list_vbox), EWL_FLAG_FILL_ALL);
ewl_container_child_append(EWL_CONTAINER(c), em->list_vbox);
ewl_notebook_page_tab_text_set(EWL_NOTEBOOK(c), em->list_vbox, "List");
em->ltree = add_ltree(em->list_vbox);
return em->list_vbox;
/*Show the list view*/
void show_list_view(Ewl_Widget *w, void *event, void *data)
ewl_notebook_visible_page_set(EWL_NOTEBOOK(em->view_box), em->list_vbox);
ewl_mvc_dirty_set(EWL_MVC(em->ltree), 1);
static void set_active_list_view(Ewl_Widget *w, void *event, void *data)
if (em->currentl)
ewl_widget_state_set(em->currentl, "unselected", EWL_STATE_PERSISTENT);
em->currentl = w;
ewl_widget_state_set(em->currentl, "selected", EWL_STATE_PERSISTENT);
/*Create and Add a Tree to the Container c*/
Ewl_Widget *add_ltree(Ewl_Widget *c)
Ewl_Widget *tree;
Ewl_Model *model;
Ewl_View *view;
model = ewl_model_new();
ewl_model_data_fetch_set(model, list_data_fetch);
ewl_model_data_count_set(model, list_data_count);
tree = ewl_tree2_new();
ewl_tree2_headers_visible_set(EWL_TREE2(tree), 0);
ewl_tree2_fixed_rows_set(EWL_TREE2(tree), 1);
ewl_mvc_model_set(EWL_MVC(tree), model);
ewl_object_fill_policy_set(EWL_OBJECT(tree), EWL_FLAG_FILL_ALL);
ewl_container_child_append(EWL_CONTAINER(c), tree);
view = ewl_view_new();
ewl_view_constructor_set(view, list_view_new);
ewl_view_assign_set(view, list_view_assign);
ewl_view_header_fetch_set(view, list_header_fetch);
ewl_tree2_column_append(EWL_TREE2(tree), view, FALSE);
return tree;
/* The view of the images */
static Ewl_Widget *list_view_new(void)
Ewl_Widget *hbox;
hbox = ewl_hbox_new();
ewl_box_spacing_set(EWL_BOX(hbox), 10);
ewl_object_fill_policy_set(EWL_OBJECT(hbox), EWL_FLAG_FILL_HFILL);
ewl_callback_append(hbox, EWL_CALLBACK_CLICKED, set_active_list_view, NULL);
return hbox;
/*The row that is added to the tree*/
static void list_view_assign(Ewl_Widget *w, void *data)
const char *image;
char info[PATH_MAX];
int size;
int width, height;
Ewl_Widget *img, *text;
image = data;
image_pixels_int_get(image, &width, &height);
img = add_image(w, image, 1, NULL, NULL);
ewl_image_constrain_set(EWL_IMAGE(img), 64);
ewl_widget_name_set(w, image);
size = ecore_file_size(image);
snprintf(info, PATH_MAX, "Name: %s\nPixels: %s\nSize: %s\n",
basename((char *)image),
text = add_text(w, info);
ewl_object_fill_policy_set(EWL_OBJECT(text), EWL_FLAG_FILL_SHRINK);
ewl_object_alignment_set(EWL_OBJECT(text), EWL_FLAG_ALIGN_LEFT);
/* The header for the tree */
static Ewl_Widget *list_header_fetch(void *data, int column)
Ewl_Widget *label;
label = ewl_label_new();
ewl_label_text_set(EWL_LABEL(label), "Images");
return label;
/* The images that will be displayed*/
static void *list_data_fetch(void *data, unsigned int row, unsigned int column)
const char *image;
void *val = NULL;
image = ecore_list_goto_index(em->images, row);
if (image)
val = (void *)image;
return val;
/* The number of images the view is displaying */
static int list_data_count(void *data)
int val;
val = ecore_list_nodes(em->images);
return val;