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* bookmarks: fixed "<Back" label intead of "<$PREVIOUS_NAME"?
* better error reporting page (for 404 and similar)
* show visual zoom indication (zoom level? some icon?)
* show page icon (listen to signal, create object, feed theme, remember to del it when done)
* change icon of Bookmarks (or name) to reflect History is there as well
* move reload to URL bar?
* url bar: clear button?
* bookmarks: save page icon once it is known?
* history: save icon
* history: disable ewk built-in history and just use the one from eve, that should be saved with its state and restored on next startup.
* ewk_view_bg_color_set() based on theme color class?
* more: add search
Preferences / State
* preferences (runtime, save at eet):
- toggle: use start page (otherwise home page)
- string: proxy
* privacy (maybe under preferences, maybe add management of each):
- clear database
* start page (like chromium, but mobile):
- click to home URL (with icon and title -- if known)
- easy access to bookmarks (click and expand the list? root entries?)
- most visited/recent links?
- recently closed?
* fix zoom out (seems < 1.0 is not allowed) when page specifies a fixed viewport/contents size, check with '-U iphone'
* implement viewport tag support (good for mobile pages)
* documentation: HTML, provided as a fixed bookmark item
* download manager?
* history + bookmark: remember if rss exist, and request it silently to display feedback when new content is available