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Call for testing...
Alastair Poole 3 years ago
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Evisum 0.5.8
* ...
* Make evisum client/server based.
* Internal changes.
* Process tree tab (process view).
* Add CPU and Memory desktop launcher files.
* Introduce icons for process view and process list.
* Use progress bars for CPU/process/thread usage.
* Improve storage UI to prepare for stats.
* Fix some ASAN detected issues.
* Icons from the rasterman and myself.
* Show system battery total in summary panel (process list).
* CPU frequency logic improvement.
* Display video memory usage per device in memory usage (Linux only).
Thanks raster.
* Lots more included in the commit logs and hidden away completely
irrelevant to the title of the commit. :)
Evisum 0.5.7