9 Commits (85ffe5ac1590d714d7dd5083d0a8838f3966c4a9)

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Aharon Hillel 85ffe5ac15 exactness: Added BaseDir arg,using GETOPT to process command line 1. Added BaseDir argument [-b BaseDir] to tell exactness where to find rec 2. tsuite.c now using ecore getopt to process command line args 11 years ago
Aharon Hillel b771ef56bc exactness: Added basedir argument for rec. 11 years ago
Mike Blumenkrantz 24c15aa6a2 revert unrelated change from 65961 11 years ago
Tom Hacohen 8f4eb53838 Exactness: added .gitignore. 11 years ago
Tom Hacohen 113346607b Exactness: install recordings. 11 years ago
Aharon Hillel e08558e527 exactness: fixed warnings of deprecated funcs 11 years ago
Daniel Juyung Seo 897589476e exactness: Fixed build break with latest elementary. 11 years ago
Aharon Hillel e820a4033d Exactness: initial commit. 11 years ago
Iván Briano a197970fb9 Hello, I'm pretending to be a nice guy 11 years ago