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# List of tests for elementary widgets
# To be used with exactness
evas_map_3d elementary_test --test-win-only "Evas Map 3D"
actionslider elementary_test --test-win-only actionslider
anchorblock elementary_test --test-win-only "Entry Anchor"
anchorview elementary_test --test-win-only "Entry Anchor2"
bg_image elementary_test --test-win-only "bg image"
bg_options elementary_test --test-win-only "bg options"
bg_plain elementary_test --test-win-only "bg plain"
box_horiz elementary_test --test-win-only "box horiz"
box_vert elementary_test --test-win-only "box vert"
box_vert2 elementary_test --test-win-only "box vert 2"
bubble elementary_test --test-win-only bubble
button elementary_test --test-win-only button
calendar elementary_test --test-win-only calendar
check elementary_test --test-win-only check
colorselector elementary_test --test-win-only "color selector"
conformant elementary_test --test-win-only conformant
conformant2 elementary_test --test-win-only "conformant 2"
ctxpopup elementary_test --test-win-only ctxpopup
diskselector elementary_test --test-win-only "disk selector"
fileselector elementary_test --test-win-only "file selector"
fileselector_button elementary_test --test-win-only "file selector button"
#fileselector_entry elementary_test --test-win-only "file selector entry"
focus elementary_test --test-win-only focus
gengrid elementary_test --test-win-only gengrid
gengrid2 elementary_test --test-win-only "gengrid 2"
gengrid_group elementary_test --test-win-only "gengrid Group"
genlist elementary_test --test-win-only genlist
genlist2 elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist 2"
genlist3 elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist 3"
genlist4 elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist 4"
genlist5 elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist 5"
genlist7 elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist 7"
genlist_tree elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist Tree"
genlist_group elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist Group"
genlist_group_tree elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist Group Tree"
genlist_mode elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist Mode"
genlist_reorder_mode elementary_test --test-win-only "genlist Reorder Mode"
grid elementary_test --test-win-only grid
hover elementary_test --test-win-only hover
hover2 elementary_test --test-win-only "hover 2"
hoversel elementary_test --test-win-only hoversel
index elementary_test --test-win-only index
index2 elementary_test --test-win-only "index 2"
inwin elementary_test --test-win-only inwin
inwin2 elementary_test --test-win-only "inwin 2"
label elementary_test --test-win-only label
list elementary_test --test-win-only list
list_horizontal elementary_test --test-win-only "List - Horizontal"
naviframe elementary_test --test-win-only naviframe
notify elementary_test --test-win-only notify
pager elementary_test --test-win-only pager
pager_slide elementary_test --test-win-only "pager slide"
panel elementary_test --test-win-only panel
panes elementary_test --test-win-only panes
progressbar elementary_test --test-win-only progressbar
radio elementary_test --test-win-only radio
scaling elementary_test --test-win-only scaling
scaling2 elementary_test --test-win-only "scaling 2"
scroller elementary_test --test-win-only scroller
scroller2 elementary_test --test-win-only "scroller 2"
segment_control elementary_test --test-win-only "segment control"
separator elementary_test --test-win-only separator
slider elementary_test --test-win-only slider
spinner elementary_test --test-win-only spinner
table elementary_test --test-win-only table
table_homogeneous elementary_test --test-win-only "table Homogeneous"
table3 elementary_test --test-win-only "table 3"
table4 elementary_test --test-win-only "table 4"
table5 elementary_test --test-win-only "table 5"
table6 elementary_test --test-win-only "table 6"
toggle elementary_test --test-win-only toggles
# toolbar test hangs when opening sub-menu,try this with simulation and see
#toolbar elementary_test --test-win-only toolbar
toolbar2 elementary_test --test-win-only "toolbar 2"
toolbar3 elementary_test --test-win-only "toolbar 3"
toolbar4 elementary_test --test-win-only "toolbar 4"
toolbar5 elementary_test --test-win-only "toolbar 5"
#toolbar6 elementary_test --test-win-only "toolbar 6"
tooltip elementary_test --test-win-only tooltip
tooltip2 elementary_test --test-win-only "tooltip 2"
win_states elementary_test --test-win-only "Window States"
win_states2 elementary_test --test-win-only "Window States 2"