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A group of new, clean examples that demonstrate EFL in various

EFL usage in here should be using the latest APIs where possible and use
supported languages and build systems.

For C we are using meson to build - the standard steps are:

* meson build/
* cd build
* ninja

If, however, you have Edi installed then the edi_build command will run
the appropriate steps automatically.

Directory naming is <type>/<language>/<name> please be careful to
namespace example binaries in case they are installed by the user.

Building the whole set of Examples

You can build all examples at once, all you have to do is:


This will create a folder called subprojects, all examples are
then sym-linked into this directory, a corresponding
file is generated, which uses every example as a subproject.

After that you can build the meson project with:

* mkdir build
* meson build/
* cd build
* ninja all