AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-25meson: link_args++HEADmasterDave Andreoli
2020-04-19Places: autotools files--Dave Andreoli
2020-04-19Places: switch to meson and GPLv3Dave Andreoli
2019-06-02Unbork places module after unknown efl changesDave Andreoli
2019-05-12Make coverity happyDave Andreoli
2018-02-09Fix compilation on recent efl (read as: breackage)Dave Andreoli
2015-03-21Fix for recent e20 changesDave Andreoli
2015-03-15Follow changes in E 0.19.99 developmentKai Huuhko
2015-03-11Updating italian translationmaxerba
2015-02-03Updating serbian translationmaxerba
2015-01-31Open filemanager in the current zoneDave Andreoli
2015-01-31Fix initial state of the custom_fm checkboxDave Andreoli
2015-01-26Redone the config panel using elmDave Andreoli
2015-01-12Search the gtk bookmarks also in the new pathDave Andreoli
2015-01-11Fix opening of unmounted volumes from the e main menuDave Andreoli
2015-01-11Now mount/umount works for nfs/cifs volumes listed in fstabDave Andreoli
2015-01-11Do not ignore eldbus_message_arguments_get return value, warn--Dave Andreoli
2015-01-11Use the new e_comp global variableDave Andreoli
2015-01-11Added a new backend: mountDave Andreoli
2015-01-10Fix the config dialog to not crashDave Andreoli
2015-01-10Support icon/tag for network fs (nfs or cifs)Dave Andreoli
2015-01-10Use fs size from statvfs if the backend did not provide itDave Andreoli
2015-01-10Show the umount/eject button only if can actually do the operationDave Andreoli
2015-01-10Fix compilation with E20Dave Andreoli
2015-01-10Master now require E20Dave Andreoli
2015-01-10Updated po filesDave Andreoli
2014-09-11Updating desktop filemaxerba
2014-08-29Updating esperanto and french translationmaxerba
2014-07-09Updating catalan translationmaxerba
2014-07-04Update russian translationIgor Murzov
2014-07-04Restore french translation that was lost in 45eaf4422dIgor Murzov
2014-07-04Make size units translatableIgor Murzov
2014-07-04Display sizes >= 1TB in terse format as well.Igor Murzov
2014-06-06Updating catalan traslationmaxerba
2014-05-26Updating galician, lithuanian and turkish translationsmaxerba
2014-05-19Updating desktop filemaxerba
2014-02-02skip volumes with DevicePresentationHide setdavemds
2014-02-01some more eeze testingdavemds
2014-01-18Show a dialog when a mount/umount operation faildavemds
2014-01-18And finally fix the popup logic for e19davemds
2014-01-18Update to new e19 apidavemds
2014-01-18remove old and deprecated e_dbus (v1) backenddavemds
2014-01-18The master branch now require e19davemds
2014-01-03Updating serbian translationmaxerba
2013-12-25Updating hungarian translationmaxerba
2013-10-05Removing blank and useless entries from desktop filemaxerba
2013-07-31updating desktop filemaxerba
2013-07-05Fixed sorting in desktop filemaxerba
2013-07-02updating various translationsmaxerba
2013-07-02updating desktop file translationsmaxerba