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masterbuild: remove.Alastair Poole19 months
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2020-04-30build: remove.HEADmasterAlastair Poole
2020-04-30build: FixAlastair Poole
2020-04-30build: Port to MesonAlastair Poole
2015-10-02wallpaper2: Include string.h for strdupa usageChris Michael
2015-06-05wallpaper2: Fix implicit declaration of strdupa warningChris Michael
2015-05-07wallpaper2: Make wallpaper2 function again with EFL/E from gitChris Michael
2015-03-23wallpaper2: Update for comp->num removalChris Michael
2015-03-20wallpaper2: Update for recent E changesChris Michael
2015-03-16wallpaper2: Update code for latest E changesChris Michael
2015-01-13wallpaper2: Don't crash on close of the dialogChris Michael